7 Great High-Calorie Foods for Your Picky Toddler ...


Getting the right nutrition for your little one isn’t always easy - I know first hand - so, I’ve got some great foods for your picky toddler!

No more constant battle of “please, eat your veggies!” or “please, try this fruit!” These fun foods will surely give your toddler the nutrition he needs.

Here are my go-to foods for your picky toddler...

1. PediaSure


Here is a number one go-to food for your picky toddler...

it's PediaSure!

It's high in calories and can be substituted for milk in a bowl of cereal.

You can even add PediaSure in recipes such as banana-chip muffins, oatmeal raisin cookies, and even in pudding!

This yummy, nutritional drink can do wonders for our toddlers.

I wouldn’t use this as a meal replacement, but more as an addition onto whatever your toddler is eating!

Milk, Cheese, Yogurts, Ice Cream
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