Equip Your Wine with Balls of Steel ...

By Lyndsie

Equip Your Wine with Balls of Steel ...

Attention, wine enthusiasts: the way you drink your wine is about to change forever! I know many of you are familiar with OriginalBOS, or Balls of Steel – that nifty, much-needed little product that can bring your favorite adult beverages to the perfect temperature. The original is a huge favorite among fans of whiskey and bourbon, but now they're branching out. It's no secret that many wine connoisseurs enjoy their vino a bit chilled, but it's beyond difficult to a. get the right temperature and b. keep the ice from completely watering down your favorite vintage. Both of those problems disappear with the NAPA Wine Chiller:
The NAPA Wine Chiller is cool – pardon the pun – not just because you don't have to worry about getting your refrigeration time just right or dealing with those messy, melting ice cubes, but also because it's just generally awesome. Your wines get chilled instantly, you can store the Chiller in your freezer, it will stay firmly in the bottom of your glass, and you can reuse it as much as you like. Your drinks never get diluted and you won't lose any of the flavors or aromas. It won't even weigh down your glass, thanks to the Arctic Core, an OriginalBOS design that allows you to “feel the chill, not the chiller.”
All of that is incredibly nifty, especially for fans of chilled wines, champagnes, and other spirits. What we really love, however, is the way BOS gives back. Every purchase goes to fund men's health, which is truly admirable. In fact, 15 percent of every purchase goes to MD Anderson, to help fight and find a cure for testicular cancer.

So tell us, stalkers: could your favorite wine do with a little steel?

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