7 Naturally Gluten-Free Foods You Don't Have to Worry about Enjoying ...


Whether you have celiac disease or are simply gluten intolerant, finding naturally gluten-free foods makes it so much easier to plan your meals and snacks without worry. You must avoid wheat, rye and barley, which is easier said than done. Take it from me – I have a gluten-free son and it’s always astounding what items these grains are hidden in. So, knowing some naturally gluten-free foods helps take the guesswork out of shopping and keeps you from having to scrutinize every single ingredients list.

1. Fruit


Not only is fruit one the several naturally gluten-free foods, but it is also a healthy staple for any diet. Full of vitamins and minerals, fruits contain no gluten and are an easy way to satisfy your hunger without compromising your health. This goes for all fresh and frozen fruit. You will need to be cautious about canned fruit pie fillings and any fruit that comes bathed in any type of sauce. These may contain gluten.

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