7 Refreshing Ways to Eat Watermelon This Summer ...


Watermelon is obviously a summer essential, but sometimes, you may just be in need of a new ways to eat watermelon.

Whether youโ€™re looking to add it to your favorite lemonade, salad, or drink, or simply want to find a few new dishes to bring to your next pool party, youโ€™ll find a bunch of new ways to eat watermelon that youโ€™ve never thought of!2

1. Watermelon and Salad

Watermelon and Salad

Watermelon in salad is one of the best ways to eat watermelon in the summer!

They add a unique flavor, and a refreshing touch to a boring salad!

You can cube the melon pieces and add them into salad, or you can simply cut it up like you usually would and flash grill it.

No matter how you choose to add it to your salad, youโ€™ll be glad that you did!2

Watermelon Cubes
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