7 Tips on How to Eat Healthy at a Mexican Restaurant ...


Today I'll show you how to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant because your favorite Mexican meal doesn't have to wreck your diet after all!

With all of the chips, cheese, lard and oil, most Mexican meals are high in fat and calories.

While Mexican restaurants are fast, cheap and tasty and an easy answer when asked, "What's for dinner?," they can really derail your healthy eating goals if you don't plan ahead.

Instead of passing on the fiesta next time, here's how to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant.

1. Skip the Frozen Margarita

Skip the Frozen Margarita

When asked how to eat healthy at a Mexican restaurant, my first tip is to pass on the frozen margarita!2

Restaurant made margaritas are usually high in sugar, poor ingredients and calories.

They can easily have up to 600 or more calories in only one drink!

Instead of ordering a margarita made with a pre-made mix, either choose water with extra lemons and limes or if you still want a margarita, request that the bartender make you one out of clear tequila, soda water, lemons and limes - easy, healthier and delicious!

Not to mention much, much lower in calories too!

2. Pass on the Chips

Pass on the Chips

Generally, in only 4-6 chips (one ounce), there are approximately 140-150 calories, and who eats only four chips anyway?

Most of us can usually eat four times that amount, easily adding 600 calories to your feast before you've even taken one bite of your meal!

When it comes to the chips, either pass on them all together or if you just have to have them, ration your portion and set a number in your head before you even take that first bite.

It might sound crazy, but it's so easy to sit there and mindlessly shovel down dozens of chips!2

Choose Corn over Flour
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