8 Ways to Fight Belly Fat in the Home ...


One of the most popular reasons women join gyms and exercise classes at this time of the year is to learn ways to fight belly fat – and when you start counting down to the hotter temperatures and holiday departure dates, it’s not hard to see why.

We’ll all be stripping down to bikinis and cute summer dresses soon, so it’s time to lose the winter weight!

With the stomach area often being voted the most difficult to change, here’s some helpful ways to fight belly fat without a mammoth training schedule.

1. Good Fat is Essential…

Started a fat free diet to slim down your stomach?

Think again.

People who collect fat around their stomach don’t tend to thrive on fat free diets, due to the absence of good fats.

The solution?

Cut refined carbohydrates such as white rice, and eat foods that contain good fats such as olive oil, sea bass and avocado instead.2

Cutting bad fats while retaining good ones is one of the ways to fight belly fat that’s frequently used by boot camps!

Wholegrain bread with an avocado, lemon and chili flake topping is the ideal flab-fighting snack.

Everything in Moderation…
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