You Need to Adopt These 7 Ways to Get the Most Nutritional Value from Your Food ...


You could be eating decently-healthy food but not getting the most value from it.

The way you prepare it, cook it, season it and serve it can all impair the nutritional value of the food you put on your plate.

If you’re making good food choices why undo some of that good work by not getting the most value from the potential benefits.

With some simple changes and minimal effort you can ramp up the nutritional value you get from your food.

1. Reduce Salt Intake

Too much salt in a person’s diet can lead to a number of heath issues including water retention in the body.

This then puts an extra amount of burden on your blood vessels and more importantly your heart, leading to a dangerous rise in blood pressure.

A raised blood pressure significantly increases the risk of stroke and heart disease.2

An easy way to eliminate excess salt is avoiding pre-packaged and processed foods that are notoriously high in sodium.

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