9 Amazing Facts about Green Tea ...


9 Amazing Facts about Green Tea ...
9 Amazing Facts about Green Tea ...

There are lots of amazing facts about green tea, some you might have heard, some that will be quite surprising, all of which will hopefully encourage you to add it to your daily diet. Deeply ingrained in some Asian cultures, it’s time to bring this marvelously healthy tea to the rest of the world. Here are 9 facts about green tea to send it on its way. Knowledge is power!

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It Helps Lower Cholesterol

If you have high cholesterol, especially a high LDL (“bad”) cholesterol count, then this fact about green tea will be most helpful to you. Drinking green tea (or taking a green tea supplement) can help lower your total cholesterol, especially your LDL count. Amazing!


It May Help Prevent Cancer

The antioxidants in green tea encourage healthy cell regeneration, which in turn can help ward off certain types of cancer. Several recent studies have shown that drinking just two cups of green tea a day can decrease your risk of lung cancer by almost 20%, and that the more green tea you drink, the lesser the chance you’ll develop cancers of the digestive system.


It May Help Prevent Heart Disease

Several recent studies, including one encouraging Dutch study, have suggested that drinking green tea daily can help prevent coronary disease, or mitigate its severity. But how? Researchers think it has to do with the dilatory effects of green tea’s antioxidants, making blood vessels less prone to clogging.


It Can Help Prevent Stroke

Those same dilatory effects of green tea’s antioxidants also lead to this fact about green tea. The clogged vessels that can cause serious strokes are also made more flexible and less prone to clogging by drinking green tea regularly.


It Helps Stave off Dementia

Take those dilatory powers of green tea, and you have yet another amazing fact about green tea and its antioxidants: they also keep blood flowing to the brain, delaying the onset and reducing the severity of dementia.


It May Help Control Weight

Whether it’s the tiny amount of caffeine in green tea, or some other fact about green tea, it’s also been shown to help dieters lose weight, and people who have a healthy weight to maintain it. Since so many other chronic medical conditions are directly linked to obesity, this might be one of the best reasons to jump on the Green Tea Bandwagon.


It’s Powerful Because…

Are you wondering why green tea is so amazing? Here’s another fact about green tea: most of its power comes from its antioxidants (called catechins), which are so concentrated and potent because of the way green tea is made — the leaves are simply withered and dried, then made into tea, unlike other types of tea, which are fermented, too.


You Only Need 3 Cups a Day

How much green tea will you have to drink to reap the benefits of green tea? Not gallons or even quarts, but only 3 cups a day. The fact about green tea that I mentioned above, about the concentration of antioxidants, means you don’t need a lot to get all the health benefits of green tea.


Drink It like This…

This final fact about green tea is indisputable: while there are oodles of supplements, tea “drinks” and even candies, the benefits of green tea are most potent when green tea is steeped for 3 to 5 minutes and enjoyed with a little lemon. These other sources aren’t bad, but they’re poor substitutes for a good cup of properly brewed green tea.

Three cups of green tea can do so much! It’s also delicious, too, by the way, with a delicate flavor and a sweet finish. Which of these facts about green tea did you already know, and which were a happy surprise? Do you have any other green tea facts to share? Please do!

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What if I but Honey in green tea will it make me fatter because I wanna lose weight and it says that it helps lose weight right so would this help or will it make it worst ?

I've heard that it's extremely good for your skin, and that it hydrates the body faster than water. But that may be false, idk

Do u drink 3 cups all together or separate?

I drink green tea before I work out and after each meal too!!


im 12 coming 13 and my mum was 12 when she had hers I have all the signs still no period should I start drinking green tea straight away should I start

green tea keeps my skin so clear! when i dont drink some for a few days i get pimples so i love green tea

I have been drinking 3 cups of green tea since I turned 15. I like potent green tea not the gross lemon, sugar, and honey added in crap. Green tea is supposed to be better

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