8 Interesting Facts about Cupcakes ...


8 Interesting Facts about Cupcakes ...
8 Interesting Facts about Cupcakes ...

Cupcakes have become quite a phenomenon in the last few years. It seems that every bakery is selling them, people are setting up home baking businesses, and there are thousands of cookbooks. Cupcakes are everywhere! So if you´re among their fans, here are some interesting and strange facts about cupcakes …

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In spite of their recent popularity, cupcakes are not a new invention. They are actually over 200 years old (yes, I know, you wouldn´t eat one that was that old, it would be stale …). The earliest mention of cupcakes is at the end of the 18th century.


Diet? What Diet?

The largest cupcake ever was apparently one baked in Washington, DC. It weighed a massive ton, and required 600 POUNDS of frosting. You wouldn´t want to mix that lot up by hand, would you? It is not recorded how many people it took to eat the cupcake.


They´re TV Stars

The people responsible for the above giant cupcake are actually the “stars” of a show called DC Cupcakes, which is now in its third season. I suppose it makes a change from the usual “celebs” that star in reality shows, but how much TV can you get out of cupcakes?


How Many??

If we´re discussing facts about cupcakes, then we have to look at the record for cupcakes-eating. Apparently it´s 29 in 30 seconds. If this is true – and their texture would make them easy to consume quickly - the cupcake eating champion must have felt rather unwell afterwards …


Wedding Cakes

Are you getting married soon? Do you find the idea of a traditional fruit cake rather boring? Well, why not have cupcakes instead! You´d be joining the 13% of brides (I doubt the grooms take any part in this decision) who serve cupcakes at their wedding.


Holiday of TheYear

There is a National Day for Just about everything, so many days are probably having to double up. December 15th is National Cupcake Day (and presumably something else besides). You probably don´t need any encouragement – every day is cupcake day!


That´s a Lot of Dough …

…or rather, cake mix. One New York company, the aptly named Crumbs, sold a massive $23.5 million worth of cupcakes in 2009. If just one company is selling that many, I wonder how many cupcakes were sold throughout the world?


I Want That One …

If your beloved offers to buy you a cupcake, then take him up on his offer. But don´t go for an ordinary Red Velvet – tell him you want the gourmet version! Yes, there is one decorated with a diamond engagement ring, costing $55k. It´s his fault if he didn´t specify a maximum price!

I hope you´ve enjoyed reading these strange and amusing facts about cupcakes. Personally I´ve not been converted to the cupcake cause (I prefer a slice of a bigger cake myself). However there´s no denying how popular they are! Are you a fan of cupcakes – do you bake your own, or are you struggling to understand the appeal?

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