8 Quick Easy Party Appetizers Your Guests Will Love ...


8 Quick  Easy Party Appetizers Your Guests Will Love ...
8 Quick  Easy Party Appetizers Your Guests Will Love ...

Easy party appetizers can be super fun to make and are absolutely delicious! With the holidays right around the corner, there are probably going to be tons of different parties that you're gonna host. Do you really want to serve your guests stuffy and boring appetizers? Ladies, I got you! Below, I'm going to detail out the top 8 easy party appetizers that I know that your guests will love. Want to know the best part about these easy party appetizers? You don't have to slave away to make them! They are all quick!

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Taco Cups

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The first of 8 easy party appetizers that we are going to talk about is simple – taco cups. Just grab a bag of Tostitos Scoops! Chips, grab up some taco items and you have a simple and easy appetizer that everyone is going to love. These are totally one of my favorite appetizers!


Asparagus in Blankets

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I have an unnatural and unhealthy obsession with asparagus. I swear – I would eat it every single day if I could, but I never thought to actually eat it with cheddar cheese, pizza dough and a tomato. These easy party appetizers are great for the guest that wants something different and something unique!


Seven Layer Dip

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What is a party without the dip? I know that whenever I throw a party, the dip is the first thing that people go for. This seven layer dip is so unique, so different and it's actually pretty creative. Just throw in some guacamole, refried beans, sour scream and some cheese (these are among the many ingredients you'll need) and you got an awesome tasting dip that just needs chips!


Tomato & Basil Skewers

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One of my favorite easy party appetizers is tomato and mozzarella mixed together. These little skewers take that idea to the next level by adding in salt, pepper, EVOO and some fresh basil. Just toothpick everything together, do a little drizzle and you got the perfect little treat for any party!


Toasted Raviolis

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While these aren't things that you can typically make from scratch, I love all kinds of toasted raviolis. Just thaw out some frozen cheese ravioli, heat up some oil and serve with some awesome marinara. I swear, this is definitely one of the easy party appetizers that will go over well at any party!

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Creamy Guacamole

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Now if you do want something homemade, what about making up a batch of guacamole? I have a boss at work that makes incredible guacamole – however it's not really creamy, it's more chunky. This recipe calls for everything from garlic to silken tofu. It's unique and different but that's what makes it so awesome!


Deviled Eggs

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Whenever you are having a party, you can't go wrong with deviled eggs! Just make some hard boiled eggs, dig out the yolk and use this recipe to make some awesome filling. Fill the egg whites and you got a neat little treat for all of your party guests!


White Bean Dip

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What'd I tell you about dips? They are typically the first to go and white bean dip is no exception! Out of all of the parties that I've been to this year – not one of them had white bean dip. This recipe is super easy to make and will make a huge splash with all kinds of guests!

Throwing a party and having some awesome easy party appetizers for your guests to feast on is definitely the way to go! When you're throwing a party, who wants to be stuck in the kitchen all day? These are my top 8 easy party appetizers recipes – what about you ladies? Come on, Christmas is right around the corner and I'm dying for some new recipes!

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