7 Appliances Every Gourmet Kitchen Needs ...


7 Appliances Every Gourmet Kitchen Needs ...
7 Appliances Every Gourmet Kitchen Needs ...

You always see people wishing for a gourmet kitchen on those home buying shows, right? So what exactly constitutes a gourmet kitchen? There are a certain number of fancy appliances you need to make yours truly the top of the line. Granted, a gourmet kitchen won’t come cheap, but if you are a chef (or just a wanna be), you will love what such a room in your house will offer you. Check out these must have appliances and you’ll be well on your way to the kitchen of your dreams (and mine)!

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Double Oven

All of the best gourmet kitchens have two ovens. They are usually stacked on top of each other. What makes that so great? You can cook two fancy dishes at one time, even if they need to be prepared at different temperatures. So instead of having to compromise, you get two finished products that are cooked exactly as they should be. This is especially great for bakers.


Separate Fridge and Freezer

Having a fridge that’s separate from your freezer gives you lots of room for all of your fancy ingredients. This also allows you to configure your kitchen to your exact specifications for convenience and ease every time you prepare a gourmet meal in your kitchen.


Six Burner Stove

Alas, my stove has only four paltry burners, seriously limiting my gourmet cooking options. Just kidding – I have three kids, I don’t cook gourmet. However, all the best chefs long for a six burner stove and you’ll love having one too. A gas stove is your top of the line best bet because it heats faster and much more evenly.


Wine Cooler

The best meals are always served with a glass of wine, right? That’s why top chefs have a wine cooler right in their kitchen. That way the perfect complement is chilled and ready when the meal comes out. No more running to the wine cellar while dinner gets cold or being stuck with a warm bottle of pinot grigio when it’s time to eat.


Warming Drawer

I wish I had a warming drawer. What happens when one part of the meal is done before the rest of it? You certainly don’t want it to get cold because that isn’t gourmet at all. A warming drawer solves this problem with ease. Place warmed food inside and you’re good to go.


Standing Mixer

Even if you don’t bake, a standing mixer is a great item to have in your gourmet kitchen. Of course, you can use it for all of your dough, pastry and cake needs, but it’s also great for making homemade bread and pasta. Think about how impressive that will be!


Ventilation System

Also known as a hood, a top of the line ventilation system is a must have for your gourmet kitchen. That way you pull out all the various smells and odors that are created when you cook a gourmet meal. You’ll never have to worry about a kitchen filled with smoke ever again. And, the right hood will make your kitchen look really wonderful too.

Do you dream of a gourmet kitchen? Yeah, don’t we all? Maybe if I had one, I would learn to cook some fancy meals, even if no one eats them but me. What would you cook if you had a gourmet kitchen?

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I have a 5 burner stove and a hood.... Near to having a gourmet 😉

I think most of the housewives dream to have a gourmet kitchen and I'm one of them.

I'd love a 6 burner stove and double oven! I cook for six of us 3 times a day. Man- that stuff would make things run smoother!

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