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As Good as a Bloody Mary without the Alcohol- Spicy Virgin Mary Mocktail ...

By Leiann

Need a non-alcoholic drink in a jiffy? As most of the ingredients are mostly in your pantry already, why not learn how to make a spicy Virgin Mary mocktail?

Let me guess... You have salt, pepper, hot sauce, steak sauce, olives, tomato juice, and celery. Don't have lemons? Use bottled lemon juice! Don't have a chopstick? Use a straw or skewer! So easy! Everything can be found at the dollar store if you do not have in your pantry (if you know my reviews by now, you know I am all about the dollar store)!

Often, mocktails are sugary, making it hard to just have one if you have a sweet tooth. Spicy Virgin Mary mocktails are healthier!

Well, I hope you have found this recipe to be of interest and taste!

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