3 Beverages to Warm up Your Soul ...


3 Beverages to Warm up Your Soul ...
3 Beverages to Warm up Your Soul ...

Right now as we work from home, we seek daily moments of relaxation, calm, and centering. If we overthink these moments, it may appear to be too challenging or too time-consuming to take such breaks. In truth, we need to remember how important these moments are for our physical and mental well being. We also need to remember how very doable it is to carve out these much needed moments.

One place you can start on your quest for moments of centering is to go back to your senses. There is something calm to be found through the smell of a candle, the feel of a warm bath, or the sound of a good song. These moments of calm can also be created through the sense of taste. Moments can be built around the taste of a favorite food or the taste of a favorite beverage. Taste is a powerful sense we often take for granted but can bring us back to our childhood and connect us to those who we love.

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Small appliance, Espresso machine, Home appliance, Kitchen appliance, Drip coffee maker, For many of us, before we found ourselves working from home, our beverage of choice was coffee. Coffee gives us that energy we need to be our best selves. If you are looking at your cupboards and laughing, you might consider a coffee subscription where all your favorites are regularly sent to your door. Different coffees have different flavor overtones, some are more fruity, some are more nutty, some are smoother.

Coffee physically wakes up our bodies and is often part of our work routines so coffee can provide a sense of familiarity and routine in an otherwise very chaotic moment of time. If you are not sure how to make a cup of coffee the way you used to enjoy it at the local cafe, there are many tips online. You can make fresh brewed coffee each morning, make cold brew ahead of time so you always have coffee on hand, or try it sweet using condensed milk. The perfect cup of coffee is available to you with a bit of research and knowledge. If you are a coffee drinker, allow coffee to support you as you navigate your new normal.



Flower, Lavender, Plant, Dishware, Porcelain, If coffee was not your go-to beverage, maybe the tea is. Tea comes in a wide range of types including Green tea, Black tea, Herbal tea, Oolong, White tea, Fermented tea, Yellow tea etc. There is also a wide range of fun things you can do with tea. If you want to wake up there is tea for that. If you want to wind down, there is tea for that too. In addition, tea has many health benefits and can help you with detox, digestion, hydration, or even support your skins and nails. You may have your go-to tea, tea which you always used to drink and which brings you a sense of safety and coziness. You might find that this time is pushing you to try things outside your comfort zone and try a type of tea or flavor of tea you have never tried before. And if you are worried you might not like what you try you can always get sample-sized portions and explore the vast world of tea with minimal risk.


Hot Chocolate

Food, Irish cream, Milkshake, Dessert, Frappé coffee, A third popular hot beverage is hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is a beverage that warms many of our souls. There are so many different types of hot chocolate for you to make and enjoy. Hot chocolate allows you to add whatever you have left in your cupboard, everything from cinnamon or nutmeg, to jam or extracts, to an extra peppermint to something spicy. There are as many types of hot chocolate as there are people who like it. So what is your beverage of choice? Do you love coffee or tea or hot chocolate? If so many sure you incorporate these into your new working from home daily routine.

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