Awesome Autumn Treats That Aren't Pumpkin Flavored ...


Awesome Autumn Treats That Aren't Pumpkin Flavored ...
Awesome Autumn Treats That Aren't Pumpkin Flavored ...

You know fall is in the air when pumpkin spice lattes and frapps are on the menu and you see pumpkin flavored everything in the grocery store. And that's great, if you like pumpkin. But if you don't, here are some fall sweets you can eat.

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Apple Pie Oreos

What could be better than “milk’s favorite cookie” and an autumn classic combined into one? Now you can finally dunk your apple pie and it won’t fall apart. Unless you leave it in the milk too long. Lol.


Little Debbie S’mores Cake Rolls

A new handheld way to devour a classic campfire treat. Packed full of s’mores flavoring, this cake roll will be like tasting the real thing.


Noosa’s Caramel Apple Yogurt

The county fair in a cup, this yogurt will taste like a sweet treat, without all the calories.


Pecan Pie M & M’s

Finally, a way to take pecan pie with you on the go in bite sized pieces. Yay!


Starbucks Apple Cider Doughnut

Nothing says fall like hot apple cider. And an even better way to enjoy these warm flavors is in a doughnut. And it is spill proof. So not hot cider incidents.


Snyder’s S’mores Pretzels

For those who like s’mores flavored things but want a bit more of a crunch than the Little Debbie snack cake, then Snyder’s pretzels will be your thing.


Pillsbury Grands’ Hot Cocoa Rolls

Now when I saw this, my mouth began to water. Hot cocoa in my favorite Pillsbury pastry? What could be finer? And for those who like marshmallows in their cocoa, it comes with marshmallow frosting. Yum!


Trader Joe’s Maple Leaf Cookies

Leaf shaped cookies with a maple cream filling in the middle are the perfect taste of fall in your mouth. And if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s in your area, I have found these wonderful treats in Walgreens, so maybe your pharmacy will have some too.


Taco Bell’s Caramel Apple Freeze

I was in the drive thru ordering a burrito when I saw the promo sign for this month’s freeze. If the Noosa yogurt didn’t sound appealing to you, then maybe a freeze will be more tasty.


Candy Corn M & M’s

Now I saw this while waiting in line at a Sheetz. And I thought, interesting. I personally don’t like candy corn but if you like this autumn/Halloween favorite, you’ll enjoy these M & M’s.


Candy Corn Hershey’s Bar

I also saw these in Sheetz and again I thought, interesting. Of course this treat will give you the taste of autumn and Halloween that you didn’t know you were missing. Bon appetit. 😊

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