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Healthy Benefits of Drinking Green Smoothies for Breakfast ...

By Taji

Green smoothies for breakfast are one of the best ways to start your day! Taking only a few minutes to make and clean up, if you’re trying to get healthy or lose weight green smoothies are a great place to begin. There are a ton of benefits to making these beautiful concoctions every morning and you’ll instantly feel healthier as soon as you drink them. If you’re still not on the bandwagon, check out these seven benefits of drinking green smoothies for breakfast.

1 Vitamins and Minerals

I like to tell my clients a green smoothie is almost like a liquid vitamin. Because they’re loaded with fruits and vegetables, green smoothies for breakfast are a perfect way to start your day. Veggies like kale and spinach are loaded with vitamin A and C, while fruits like bananas and pears are full of potassium and selenium. Some smoothie recipes are so healthy, they can easily pack all your vitamin and mineral requirements in one drink. Imagine getting an early start to the day by meeting your fruit and veggie requirements before you head out the door!

2 Antioxidants

Besides vitamins and minerals, green smoothies are a great way to get antioxidants. These cancer-fighting chemicals prevent free radicals, which have been connected to DNA damage and premature aging. Fruits like blueberries and strawberries are especially high in antioxidants and studies have linked consuming these foods to cancer prevention. Don’t forget that fruits and vegetables in the red family are rich in lycopene, an important anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer antioxidant. Examples include carrots, oranges, bell peppers, and tomatoes—all of which can certainly go in a green smoothie.

3 Energy Boost

One of the first thing my clients notice when they start drinking green smoothies in the morning is an undeniable boost in energy. One of the reasons for chronic fatigue is often malnutrition. Drinking green smoothies on a consistent basis can help mitigate any deficiencies that could be causing fatigue. If your fatigue is nutrient-based, you could definitely get a boost from drinking green smoothies for breakfast.

4 Glowing Skin

It wasn’t until all my friends started asking me what I was using on my skin that I realized how green smoothies really benefit my complexion! While all my friends and family thought I was using an expensive serum or moisturizer, they were surprised to find out the secret to my natural glow lied in the smoothies I was drinking! Because these smoothies are so nutrient dense, they can really improve skin clarity or texture. While drinking green smoothies will by no means transform your skin overnight, drinking them on a consistent basis can ameliorate the quality of your skin, giving you a healthy and natural glow.

5 Shiny Hair

Before I started drinking green smoothies, my hair was either one of two extremes. It was either extremely oily and required constant washing or it was super dry and brittle to the touch. Green smoothies helped balance me out, leaving me with shiny, healthy locks. While special shampoos and conditioners may make your hair appear healthier, green smoothies will improve your hair from the inside out. Starting your day with a green smoothie for breakfast is a great way to maintain healthy hair all day every day.

6 Low in Calories

Many of you might skip breakfast in order to save calories and drop a few pounds. I cannot begin to tell you how bad this is for your body and your metabolism. After fasting all night while you were sleeping, you NEED to eat something for breakfast. A green smoothie is a great low calorie meal for breakfast. It will give you the calories and energy you need while also keeping you trim and healthy.

7 Superfoods

Have you read the latest news about superfoods? Raved about by medical professionals and nutritionists alike, superfoods have a unique profile of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals that work together for optimal health. Foods like goji berries, cacao beans, spirulina, wheat grass, and mulberries are just a few of the dozens of superfoods out there. Adding them to your breakfast green smoothie is a great way to boost nutritional value!

Green smoothies are a great way to start your day. It might seem weird at first to blend fruits and vegetables for breakfast, but once you start feeling great you’ll be addicted! What are some of your favorite fruits and vegetables to include in green smoothies? Any recipes you love to drink morning after morning?

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