10 Benefits of Eating Vegetarian Food ...


There is a lot of recent talk in the media about the benefits of eating vegetarian food. This probably doesn't come as a huge shocker, since I donโ€™t think anyone in their right mind will ever tell you plants in their natural form are bad for you. Recent research from medical universities stating the benefits of eating vegetarian food go beyond weight loss though. With national disease at an all-time high, there are reasons beyond your waistline to eat vegetarian foods, some of which you may not even know about or have thought about. Vegetarian food isn't a trend, but rather a smart protocol. Plant-based diets are about more than just our weight. Read these top 10 benefits of eating vegetarian food and incorporate more whole, plant-based foods into your menu however you can.

1. Youโ€™ll save Yourself from a Heart Attack

Heart disease is the number one killer for women above cancer and all else, which makes eating for your heart one of the best benefits of eating vegetarian food. The concept of heart disease is not one to take light-heartedly, no pun intended! Red meats and fried or fatty animal meats are directly linked to heart disease and colon cancer, while vegetarian foods have absolutely NO cholesterol, making them perfect for you. Not even high fat vegetarian foods such as nuts, seeds and oils have any cholesterol. No matter how you incorporate these healthier fats into your diet, they are a perfect cholesterol-free way to reap the benefits of eating vegetarian foods.

It Saves Water
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