7 Lovely Reasons You Should Always Buy Organic Coffee ...


7 Lovely Reasons You Should Always Buy Organic Coffee ...
7 Lovely Reasons You Should Always Buy Organic Coffee ...

I don’t care what anyone tells me, I’m not giving up my morning cup of coffee for anything, yet I am careful to choose organic coffee versus all those fun artificially flavored ones, or other non-organic coffees. Don’t get me wrong now; I’m not an organic snob who has to have every single thing organic. I choose the foods and beverages most important to buy organic, and move on with my budget. It wasn’t until I learned exactly why I should buy organic coffee that I chose to do so. Since I consume only a cup a day, it lasts for a long time, making the few extra dollars way worth the benefits. So what are the benefits of buying organic coffee? Read on to find out and see how to take your morning cup of magic to a new healthy level.

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No Chemicals

Did you know that unlike organic coffee beans, conventional coffee beans are washed in a bath of chemicals before they reach your cup? That’s right, ladies, you’re getting in a dose of chlorine-washed and ammonia-washed coffee beans with your morning buzz! Not cool, in my opinion! Organic coffee is never treated with any chemicals of the like.


No Pesticides

Yes, you could be drinking pesticides and herbicides with your morning coffee too, if you drink conventional coffee. I used to be a die hard Folgers fan, until I learned that the beans, like all non-organic beans, were sprayed with tons of pesticides and herbicides. Imagine all of the toxic chemicals you’re ingesting just by drinking coffee! Coffee beans are one of the most heavily sprayed crops of all foods produced in a conventional option.


It Helps Others

Did you know that by a simple action of you choosing to buy organic coffee, you’re also helping many other people whom you don’t know and most likely never will? Coffee growers that grow organic coffee aren’t exposed to the harsh chemicals and toxic pesticides that conventional coffee growers are. In return, their health is better, along with their quality of living. It is a little nice to know that with each sip, you’re helping someone else in return!


It is Safer for the Environment

Perhaps not your environment, but land in other countries where organic coffee is produced is much safer and more stable for the land, people living there, the animals and the future of the environment surrounding coffee production sites. An even better option is buying organic, Fair-Trade coffee, which ensures sustainable and healthy living conditions, along with proper pay and economic growth for coffee farmers.


It Tastes Better

Perhaps this may cause some argument among devoted coffee brand lovers, but in my opinion, organic coffee tasted incredibly better than conventional after I finally made the switch. The taste is somehow purer in my opinion, and offers a nice depth that other brands don’t.


The Beans Aren’t Cheap

Most coffee beans that are produced by popular brands today include cheap beans, known as obusta beans, not quality-tasting beans, which include the popular Arabica beans. Though some brands still use Arabica or other quality beans, one can’t be sure unless it is stated on the package. All organic coffees contain the best beans, so you’re never left with a cheap bean in your cup, and trust me, if you've ever had a cup of cheap coffee, you will know it!


The Cost Isn’t Terribly High

While organic coffee is more expensive, it truly isn’t much more than paying around a penny a day when you consider how long it lasts. Organic coffee usually costs about $3-4 more. I try to buy lower cost organic brands, and preferably local brand options, which in my opinion, taste just as good. One of my favorite brands is Newman’s Own Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee. Green Mountain Organic coffee is another popular favorite. Both of these aren’t but a couple dollars higher than my previous favorites, including Gevalia and Folgers. I never notice the difference and I no longer have to worry about my a toxic load from my coffee.

Organic coffee is also higher in antioxidants than conventional coffee, so if I’m going to spend money on my beans, I figure I might as well get in some extra nutrients while I’m at it! Do you buy organic or conventional coffee?

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I get my organic coffee from Trader Joe's- it's the same price or cheaper than many of the popular conventional brands!!

Honestly, it totally depends on what you like- many people prefer dark roast coffee, which has a rich, intense flavor. I prefer a light/medium roast because it is less acidic and actually has more caffeine! (The more you roast the beans, the less caffeine they have) but everybody is different. My suggestion is start by figuring out which roast you like, then try some different varieties of that roast until you find one you like- trust me, when you get the right one, you'll know :-) I personally use Trader Joe' s Organic Breakfast Blend, but I know they have many other organic coffees there in many roasts and varieties. Any other coffee ??s just ask, I worked as a barista at an organic coffee bar for several years during college and I'm a coffee/tea/espresso nut in general, so I'm always happy to discuss!! :-)

Is Starbucks organic? I know it's fair trade, not that I think that's the same thing, lol

I'm a huge coffee drinker & I want to switch to an organic coffee. What the best organic coffee? Anyone??

Ok I'm a coffee girl I drink it from the time I get up to the time I go to bed so tell me what kind of coffee I should get because that's all I drink so please help me thank you

Starbucks has an organic coffee you can buy in a bag, however they don’t serve it in the stores. Starbucks gets a lot of grief for their toxic coffee.

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