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Never heard of kohl rabi? It’s a green veggie that kind of looks like a turnip. You can cook it in many ways, including sautéed as a side dish, in soup or stew or simply eat it fresh in a salad. Kohl rabi is fairly easy to grow in many parts of the world, but you can sometimes find it at the grocery store or a farmer’s market. Besides its versatility, kohl rabi has a whole host of health benefits because it’s chock full of nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy and strong. Here are just some of them.

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You need fiber for a whole bunch of reasons, which makes kohlrabi a great choice with nearly 5 grams per cup. Fiber is an important choice for weight loss because it helps fill you up, but digests slowly, staving off hunger for longer periods of time. It also helps flush cholesterol out of your body, helping to protect you from developing heart disease. Finally, fiber helps regulate digestion, which is something you definitely don’t want to mess around with.



You won’t be able to meet your entire day’s calcium needs by eating kohl rabi, but a cup has more than 30 milligrams, so it certainly contributes. Calcium is important for women because it helps protect your bones and keep them strong and healthy. Skimping on calcium can leave you with weak, brittle bones, upping the risk of fractures and breaks.



You probably think of bananas or potatoes when it comes to potassium intake, but kohl rabi contains nearly 500 millgrams per cup, so it’s also a great choice. Potassium is a nutrient that helps regulate your blood pressure. Most people aren’t at risk of deficiency, but being too low in potassium can increase the risk of heart problems.


Vitamin C

When you want to boost your immunity, vitamin C is a great way to do it. That makes kohl rabi a prime choice with more than 83 milligrams per cup. Vitamin C can help ward off a whole host of health issues. It’s an antioxidant, which means it also helps fight free radical damage, something that can help prevent everything from heart disease to cancer.



Don’t worry, they’re the good carbs. Many people make the mistake that carbs are bad, but the truth is just the opposite. Your body needs carbs for energy, but you have to get them from healthy sources, such as veggies. That includes kohl rabi, which has just over 8 grams of carbs per cup.



With 22 micrograms per cup, kohl rabi contributes to your daily folate intake. This nutrient, also called folic acid, helps prevent certain birth defects, which means that women need to be sure they get plenty during their child bearing years. Kohl rabi is certainly a delicious option.


Low in Calories

When you want to lose weight or prevent weight gain, it’s important to be sure your calories out are higher than your calories in. That makes choosing low calorie foods necessary. With just 36 calories per cup, kohl rabi is a yummy choice. By including it in your meal plan, you up your intake of many nutrients while also making sure to keep a good balance of calories in your diet.

Have you ever tasted kohl rabi? I hope this gets you to give it a try. It’s always fun to try new veggies, don’t you think? If you’ve had kohl rabi, what’s your favorite way to prepare it?

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Kohlrabi slaw with lemon garlic dressing...noms!

Oh, that stuff is good!

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