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7 Best Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids to Hand out This Year ...

By Heather

If you're going to be handing out candy to trick or treaters, consider handing out a few healthy Halloween treats this year along with your regular candy. Even better, replace the usual processed candy with these healthy Halloween treats. There are actually great healthy Halloween treats to hand out to kids. They don't necessarily have to taste healthy either. These are a little different than traditional healthy treats, like handing out fruit or cheese strings. Kids aren't so much into food that doesn't look like a treat for Halloween. Kids run off eye appeal, so these treats make a great treat that will get their attention and satisfy their taste buds. You can also keep these treats around your house so that you and your children, or whomever you live with, can be sure to have healthy Halloween snacks around. Try these sweet tasty finds that I love, and pick up a few next time you're out!

Table of contents:

  1. Mini larabars
  2. Dried apple slices
  3. Superfood trail mix
  4. Raw brownie treats
  5. Date rolls
  6. Pure fruit and veggie strip chews
  7. Popcorn bags

1 Mini Larabars

Mini Larabars are one of my favorite examples of healthy Halloween treats. They're in a colorful package, tiny in size like candy bars are, which makes kids want to eat them. Plus, they're sweet in nature and also have a little fat, so they satisfy taste buds easily. They're only made of fruit and nuts and come in tasty, classic Larabar flavors. You can find these online or in health food stores.

2 Dried Apple Slices

Instead of whole apples, buy those colorful bags of natural dried apple slices. They look like a bag of chips, but are actually a healthy treat in disguise. They're also tasty! You can find these in a variety of brands and types, so pick whichever works for you and your budget. They're really sweet and so fun to munch on!

3 Superfood Trail Mix

Trail mix is a classic healthy Halloween treat, but this year, how about kicking things up a notch? Throw some cacao nibs into your trail mix instead of chocolate chips that are processed and full of sugar. Then add in some almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds and raisins. If you can afford it, throw in some goji berries for a bright burst of color too. Kids love anything colorful!

4 Raw Brownie Treats

Make your own raw brownies at home with 1 cup almonds, 1 cup cashews, 1/4 cup cocoa powder or dark cocoa powder, and 2 cups dried and pitted dates or raisins. Process it all in your food processor, roll into balls or squares, and then wrap it in some clear plastic wrap, or place them in cute Halloween cellophane mini bags. These will be so much like Larabars, yet much cheaper and healthier for you. Also, feel free to change up the nuts if you want. You can even use peanuts to create a healthy Snickers treat or healthy Reese's treat.

5 Date Rolls

Have you ever had those date rolls at the store found in the produce department? They are delicious! They're made of pureed dates and then rolled in either some type of raw nut, or raw coconut shreds. They're like eating candy and so hard to quit! Hand these out to kids in little baggies. Once kids try them, they'll love them!

6 Pure Fruit and Veggie Strip Chews

I love Pure bars, and they have always produced a great whole foods, gluten-free, vegan nutrition bar. Now they even have a fruit and veggie fruit strip product that is a healthy alternative to those unhealthy fruit chews kids love at the store. These come in great flavors from berry apple, to strawberry apple, to strawberry banana and more.

7 Popcorn Bags

A classic treat is to hand out popcorn bags, but instead of buying regular popcorn that is high in fat and salt, buy organic popcorn that is low in sodium. This will ensure there's no GMOs in the popcorn you're handing out and supply kids with the best nutrition possible. You can also opt to buy the kernels yourself to save money and pop it at home with some coconut oil and sea salt for a great flavor. Put your popcorn into cute Halloween cellophane baggies and tie with a cute string.

If you're handing out treats at a party for kids, feel free to use these snacks, or even make some healthier party spreads if you have time for kids.

Do you hand out healthy Halloween treats, or make them for yourself?

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