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Do you buy organic foods? There is increasing evidence for the benefits of consuming organic foods. The best organic foods are the simple ones that are available in most supermarkets, and with the guidance of the 8 Best Organic Foods to Buy you will be able to scope out those foods that are well worth choosing organic for, and be well on your way to a healthier you.

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If you are going to switch anything to organic – it should be milk. We all know the huge benefits of drinking milk as it is, but if we switch to organic we will be able to get the most out of this great source of nutrients. Milk is used so often in our daily lives that by switching, it could make a substantial difference to our bodies. The cows’ natural diet of grass boosts the quality of the milk, and leaves us with the benefits such as the 68% higher levels of the omega-3 acids!



Fruit, particularly apples, nectarines strawberries and peaches are some of the best organic foods to buy – they have a significant advantage when we choose the organic. The average non-organic apple is sprayed up to sixteen times with up to thirty pesticides, according to the Soil Association. There is no denying that we do not need to take this into our bodies! There is also a huge effect on the environment if we start using increasing organic foods – we spend millions of dollars yearly clearing up the pollution caused by pesticides.



Sweet bell peppers, celery, lettuce, spinach and potatoes – all great vegetables for your body, but when they are non-organic they are the most heavily covered in pesticides. By switching to organic, you are getting a healthy diet of vegetables, but also ensuring that you are not eating awful chemicals too.



Better for our hearts and the chickens, eggs are a fantastic choice of all the organic foods to buy. Some of the best organic eggs mean that the chickens are only on a 100% vegetables diet, so for you they are free from hormones and antibiotics!


Prawns (Shrimp)

Farmed and shellfish can be available as organic, and so if you are going to choose to switch over to organic seafood, then it should be prawns. Prawns are among the best organic foods because prawn farms have been known to douse the shellfish in antibiotics, growth hormones and drugs controlling their outcome – we are much better off without these, and so it is better to be safe and stick to organic, as otherwise you have no idea what you could be eating.



If you are a meat-eater then you could experience considerable advantages from switching to organic. With such a huge range of options of meat, making this change could have a great effect on your lifestyle. There are concerns that the antibiotics used on the animals could result in antibiotic resistance in humans, and so settle your mind by choosing organic and ensuring that not only was your cow a happy cow, but that you are not going to have any detrimental effects on yourself.



Alongside all the best organic foods, you should try and drink organic too. It has been claimed that the pesticides in wine can be responsible for a bad hangover. In organic wine there is significantly less pesticides and therefore can help to shape how you feel the next day – of course – how much you drink will also have an effect!



Coffee is of course another choice which should definitely be made in favor of organic. Coffee is the most heavily chemically treated food commodity in the world. This has a negative effect on the soils fertility and local water supplies. When you choose organic, you are not only having purer coffee which is better for you and tastes great, but also knowing that you are doing your little bit to help green issues.

This list of the 8 Best Organic Foods to Buy will help you on your way to a healthier body and a healthier world to live in. There are so many foods out there that are offered as organic, it is just finding the right ones to balance between cost and real benefits – so let us know your best organic foods with which you have had a good experience and we can all work together to ensure healthier feeding!

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