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Healthy Mushrooms are not so hard to find in the market today. And they're also not so hard to prepare dishes with. Healthy mushrooms are actually among the most popular ingredients of dishes from various cuisines all over the world, especially Western dishes. I mean, who hasn't heard of putting yummy healthy mushrooms in their pizza, pasta, or vegetarian dishes? In addition to that, they're rich in al kinds of vitamin Bs and antioxidants that help you stay healthy and get rid of toxins in your body. So here are 7 Incredibly Flavorful and Healthy Mushrooms That You Should Eat to help you stay in good health.

1 Shiitake

These incredibly delicious healthy mushrooms are quite popular. Some put it in sautéed veggies while others put it in pasta or pizza. Yummy! And they have been around for a very long time, too! In fact, shiitake mushrooms have been used in China for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. They boost our immune system and recent research studies show that they're also very good for the heart.

2 Reishi

Reishi mushrooms are pretty much among the most impressive of healthy mushrooms. They're said to not only boost the immune system and protect the heart but they're also good for a heap of other things as well such as insomnia, allergies, fatigue, and respiratory problems. And you can dry them and make them into tea to calm your nerves. You can also include them in any main dish or dessert. I hear they're quite nice additions to dark chocolate brownies.

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3 Crimini, a.k.a. Button Mushrooms

You might not believe it, but these crazily popular edible mushrooms are as healthy--some say even more so--than shiitake or maitake mushrooms. These healthy mushrooms, according to health experts, relieve migraines, improve eyesight and circulation, and fights infection on top of boosting your immune system. Who would've thought it, right? So yes, order those extra mushrooms for your pizza. They're very good for you!

4 Enoki

I have seen these healthy mushrooms at the groceries for years. Unfortunately, I've been ignorant of their true worth all the while. Apparently, these pretty and yummy fungi are quite popular in Japanese dishes particularly nabemono, salads, and soups. They're rich in fiber, all kinds of vitamin Bs, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Who knew?! I certainly didn't. And like all edible mushrooms, they're very good in the prevention of cancer.

5 Maitake

These mushrooms are as famous as shiitake, reishi, and enoki in Japanese cuisine. They can be used in dishes fresh or dried. Although most people I know use the dried ones. These healthy mushrooms are considered to be so precious that they were named "maitake", which means "dancing mushroom". And this was because people were said to dance for joy at finding these fungi. Cute anecdote, don't you think? Well, considering that not only are maitake mushrooms scrumptious but also quite beneficial to one's health, it's no wonder really.

6 Porcini

Now, these are quite the darlings in Italian cuisine. In fact, porcini is so popular in Italy that the government has decided to control its harvest by limiting it to 2 kilos every week. The name "porcini" actually means "the piglet" in Italian because of their plump meaty caps. And they're really very delicious. Aside from that, porcinis are rich in selenium, potassium, and vitamin B3. Many Italian dishes use them and they're often grilled with steaks or vegetables. Personally, I prefer them fried with a mayo dip. Just unbelievably yummy!

7 Turkey Tail

These healthy mushrooms are actually more often consumed as tea extract or tincture rather than as gourmet ingredients. However, some people do use them in soups. You just fish out the mushrooms before you serve the soup. Now, since turkey tails have incredible medicinal properties, I thought they deserve a mention in this list despite it not being so popular in the culinary world. You see, just like shiitake and reishi mushrooms, turkey tails have been used for years because of their incredible immunity boosting power. Recently though, experiments have been conducted on the potential these pretty mushrooms have on preventing(or maybe even curing) cancer. Amazing, right? And they can be found almost anywhere you can find trees, logs, or tree stumps. Maybe you should pick some up next time you go out jogging in the woods. Whatcha think?

Some people find it hard to imagine eating these healthy mushrooms because they think all fungi are disgusting. In fact, I have a couple of friends who think that. Guess they couldn't separate them from those yucky skin conditions some people get. But personally, I've always loved mushrooms. I gobble them up as soon as I spy them in any dish. And now that I've discovered that they're not just delicious edibles but also quite healthy, nothing's gonna stop me from eating these healthy mushrooms until I lose all my teeth... maybe even after then. Haha. Now how about you? Do you love eating healthy mushrooms as much as I do? Or do you think all mushrooms are a "no-no"?

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