7 Big Reasons to Eat Local That You've Got to Consider...


As we all know, exercise and eating right are two sides of the same coin. And when it comes to eating right, there's nothing better than eating local. Why? Well, here are some enlightening reasons by guest contributor Kim Kash.

Supermarkets these days have pretty much any food you could want, any time of the year. Looking for pears in April? They've got 'em. Spring lettuce mix in November? No problem. The only drawbacks are 1. They don't taste very good, and 2. They're expensive!

Honestly, who has the time to figure out what the freshest, most seasonal choices are in the grocery store? Is it really worth the hassle? We say yes ma'am. Here are seven reasons why you should choose fresh, local, ripe and in-season produce. You will...

1. Eat Tastier

This goes at the top of the pile. Is there anything more delicious than a summer-ripe, organic, local tomato? Or a little basket of fresh, delicate raspberries picked this morning? Some of the most delicious foods are ones that must be eaten quickly after harvesting, and don't ship well. Eating local is the only way to get them at their best.

Eat Cheaper
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