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Cheers This is Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Wine ...

By Jennifer

Want to know a little more about wine? These infographics can help!

Table of contents:

  1. Wine dessert pairings
  2. Pairing wine & cheese
  3. Glasses
  4. A glass a day
  5. How to choose wine
  6. The anatomy of sangria
  7. Drinking customs around the world
  8. Guide to pairing candy with wine
  9. Counting calories
  10. Bordeaux wine pairings
  11. Pizza and wine pairings
  12. Calories in cocktails
  13. The art of the wine cellar
  14. Burger and wine pairings
  15. The different types of wine
  16. Pairing wine with thanksgiving dishes
  17. Wine around the world
  18. How to stock the perfect home bar
  19. Wine pairings
  20. Storage
  21. Complete guide to the wines of italy
  22. Colors of wine
  23. Tips and tricks of bubbles
  24. Make me wine
  25. How to choose a red wine
  26. Wine vs. beer
  27. Pairing christmas cookies with wine
  28. Bordeaux
  29. How to make white wine
  30. Aromas wheel for wine
  31. A beginner's guide to wine
  32. How long your opened bottle of wine will last
  33. The history of wines from south africa
  34. How to buy organic wine
  35. Red vs. white wine
  36. Starter collection
  37. How red wine is made

1 Wine Dessert Pairings

Source: Wine & Dessert Pairing Guide

2 Pairing Wine & Cheese

Source: Guide to pairing wine and

3 Glasses

Source: Types of Wine Glasses (Infographic)

4 A Glass a Day

Source: Vicente Gandia on Twitter

5 How to Choose Wine

Source: How To Choose The Right

6 The Anatomy of Sangria

Source: The Anatomy of Sangria

7 Drinking Customs around the World

Source: The World's 25 Strangest Drinking

8 Guide to Pairing Candy with Wine

Source: The Booze You Need To

9 Counting Calories

Source: The Best Wines for Your

10 Bordeaux Wine Pairings

Source: Bordeaux Wines | Blog

11 Pizza and Wine Pairings

Source: If You Eat This Pizza

12 Calories in Cocktails

Source: How Many Calories Are in

13 The Art of the Wine Cellar

Source: Art Of The Wine Cellar

14 Burger and Wine Pairings

Source: What Type of Wine Should

15 The Different Types of Wine


16 Pairing Wine with Thanksgiving Dishes

Source: Wine, Beer & Booze Pairings

17 Wine around the World

Source: World Of Wine: Who Produces

18 How to Stock the Perfect Home Bar

Source: How To Stock The Perfect

19 Wine Pairings

Source: Food and Wine Pairing

20 Storage

Source: Wine Serving & Storage Temperatures

21 Complete Guide to the Wines of Italy

Source: A Complete Introduction To The

22 Colors of Wine

Source: The Color of Wine

23 Tips and Tricks of Bubbles

Source: The Other Lil Bub: A

24 Make Me Wine

Source: Infografía: Vinos

25 How to Choose a Red Wine

Source: Top Tip: Red Wine

26 Wine Vs. Beer


27 Pairing Christmas Cookies with Wine

Source: America's 14 Favorite Christmas Cookies

28 Bordeaux

Source: Understanding Bordeaux Wine (Food Infographics)

29 How to Make White Wine

Source: How is White Wine Made

30 Aromas Wheel for Wine

Source: Wine-ing: A Matter of Taste

31 A Beginner's Guide to Wine

Source: 14 Amazing Infographics Bound To

32 How Long Your Opened Bottle of Wine Will Last

Source: Find Out How Long Your

33 The History of Wines from South Africa

Source: Wines from Portugal

34 How to Buy Organic Wine

Source: Why I Switched to Organic

35 Red Vs. White Wine

Source: Wine Workshop 101: Red Vs

36 Starter Collection

Source: The Beginner's Guide To Collecting

37 How Red Wine is Made

Source: All I need is Mascara

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