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Cheers This is Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Wine ...

By Jennifer

Want to know a little more about wine? These infographics can help!

1 Wine Dessert Pairings

Source: Wine & Dessert Pairing Guide

2 Pairing Wine & Cheese

Source: Guide to pairing wine and


Breakfast buddha bowl

7 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Going All Day Long ...

3 Glasses

Source: Types of Wine Glasses (Infographic)

4 A Glass a Day

Source: Vicente Gandia on Twitter

5 How to Choose Wine

Source: How To Choose The Right

6 The Anatomy of Sangria

Source: The Anatomy of Sangria

7 Drinking Customs around the World

Source: The World's 25 Strangest Drinking

8 Guide to Pairing Candy with Wine

Source: The Booze You Need To

9 Counting Calories

Source: The Best Wines for Your

10 Bordeaux Wine Pairings

Source: Bordeaux Wines | Blog

11 Pizza and Wine Pairings

Source: If You Eat This Pizza

12 Calories in Cocktails

Source: How Many Calories Are in

13 The Art of the Wine Cellar

Source: Art Of The Wine Cellar

14 Burger and Wine Pairings

Source: What Type of Wine Should

15 The Different Types of Wine


16 Pairing Wine with Thanksgiving Dishes

Source: Wine, Beer & Booze Pairings

17 Wine around the World

Source: World Of Wine: Who Produces

18 How to Stock the Perfect Home Bar

Source: How To Stock The Perfect

19 Wine Pairings

Source: Food and Wine Pairing

20 Storage

Source: Wine Serving & Storage Temperatures

21 Complete Guide to the Wines of Italy

Source: A Complete Introduction To The

22 Colors of Wine

Source: The Color of Wine

23 Tips and Tricks of Bubbles

Source: The Other Lil Bub: A

24 Make Me Wine

Source: Infografía: Vinos

25 How to Choose a Red Wine

Source: Top Tip: Red Wine

26 Wine Vs. Beer


27 Pairing Christmas Cookies with Wine

Source: America's 14 Favorite Christmas Cookies

28 Bordeaux

Source: Understanding Bordeaux Wine (Food Infographics)

29 How to Make White Wine

Source: How is White Wine Made

30 Aromas Wheel for Wine

Source: Wine-ing: A Matter of Taste

31 A Beginner's Guide to Wine

Source: 14 Amazing Infographics Bound To

32 How Long Your Opened Bottle of Wine Will Last

Source: Find Out How Long Your

33 The History of Wines from South Africa

Source: Wines from Portugal

34 How to Buy Organic Wine

Source: Why I Switched to Organic

35 Red Vs. White Wine

Source: Wine Workshop 101: Red Vs

36 Starter Collection

Source: The Beginner's Guide To Collecting

37 How Red Wine is Made

Source: All I need is Mascara

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