7 Healthy Drinks Everyone is Sipping This Fall ...


7 Healthy Drinks Everyone is Sipping This Fall ...
7 Healthy Drinks Everyone is Sipping This Fall ...

Fall is a great time to make changes to your diet. It sort of feels like a fresh start with school starting and summer break coming to a close. Even if you aren’t in school, it’s hard not to feel like making some healthy changes when the weather starts to turn. There are some perfect drinks you should be enjoying this fall and all year round. Each of them offers mega health benefits and tastes great at the same time. Perfect!

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Have a Cup of Coffee in the Morning

You already do this anyway, right? Turns out that’s a great choice for your health. If you don’t regularly drink coffee, you might change your mind when you find out that it can help reduce the risk of heart attacks. Coffee is packed with antioxidants that fight inflammation and free radical damage that can harm your health. The experts say you can enjoy up to five cups of coffee a day to reap these benefits. More than that is just too much.


Pomegranate Juice is Tangy and Delicious

If you’re a juice drinker and are looking for something new and exciting, pomegranate juice should be your new best friend. It has been associated with healthy blood flow, helping lower blood cholesterol and protecting you from heart disease. All that, and it tastes really good too!


A Frosty Mug of Beer

Fall might be on its way in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a cold beer. It’s not that cold outside yet. Plus, a beer tastes good pretty much anytime of the year, right? Beer drinkers can rejoice because this tasty beverage has been shown to improve circulation and artery health. Just keep in mind that more than one cocktail per day actually has detrimental health effects so stick with just one.


Tomato Juice Makes a Heart Choice

Tomato juice is a wonderful beverage choice to make in the fall. It has an earthy and refreshing flavor that makes any day better. Get a load of this: tomato juice is loaded with vitamins A and C, potassium and lycopene. That translates to a boost to the immune system so your body can fight of illnesses and diseases. Perfect!


Matcha Tea Isn’t New but You May Not Have Heard of It

Matcha is having a big moment right now. It’s a type of tea that research says has a huge amount of antioxidants that help fight heart disease. You can find matcha in powder form and you combine it with water to make a drink you’ll love drinking. You can also add fruits to your tea to balance the flavor and make it sweeter.


Unsweetened Iced Tea is Always My Top Pick

If you’ve always been a sweet tea kind of girl, today is the day to chuck the sugar and try it plain. You get a refreshing taste that is thirst quenching and delicious. Add lemon for some flavor. As the temperature continues to dip, try your iced tea hot for the same antioxidant benefits.


Try a Green Smoothie to Make You Happy

Green smoothies are those that include leafy green veggies, hence the name. When you add spinach or kale to your smoothie, you get an extra hit of nutrition and a fun new color that will make you smile. In addition, smoothies are the perfect way to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your meal plan, which as you know, has a ton of health benefits.

Will you be sipping any of these this fall? Which ones?

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Combine matcha powder and milk!!!! So. Good.

I love iced tea but I can't handle it without sugar so I bought stevia to sweeten it, I get the sweetness without the calories

Just yesterday I went to the grocery store and stock up on tomato juice. It is so delicious and nutritious. Wow oh wow. I will try the rest of these yummy drinks for the fall season. Thank you so so much for the recommendation. Your great.

Cucumber juice is also a good choice. It's refreshing indeed!

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