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7 Creative New Ice Cream Flavors You Must Try ...

By Eliza

Food trends are always changing just like fashion trends. That means that the experts are always coming up with new and exciting treats that you get to sample. Sure, some of them are a bust (I’m talking to you cappuccino flavored potato chips), but many are such a hit that they make a permanent appearance on store shelves. Ice cream is a humble dessert, but plenty of chefs have tried their hand at making it fancy. Here are some gourmet ice cream flavors that you have got to try.

1 Cookie Core

This is actually three different flavors that come from Ben and Jerry’s. Each features a cookie flavor with a cookie dough center that is chewy and delicious at the same time. The three options include chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate chip with fillings that include jam, caramel and fudge. You are going to love all three, so stock up on them all.

2 Chocolate Marshmallow

Maybe you’ve had s’mores or Rocky Road ice cream, but you’ve probably never had marshmallow flavored ice cream. This fluffy and sweet concoction is swirled with chocolate ice cream. It’s sort of like a nice mug of hot chocolate. This mixed creation allows you to enjoy the flavors of both marshmallow and chocolate on one spoon. Yum!

3 Fried Ice Cream

Fried ice cream is a Mexican delight that is basically just a ball of vanilla coated in a crunchy, sweet shell and deep fried. No, the ice cream inside doesn’t melt. While I absolutely love fried ice cream, I can’t get it right at home. No need for that when you can buy fried ice cream flavored ice cream at the store. It comes from the Hood brand and is so tasty.

4 Red Hot Banana

Sadly, you can’t buy this flavor at the store, but you can certainly order it at build your own shops, including at the brain child behind the flavor at Humphrey Slocombe in San Francisco. It’s basically ice cream loaded with mashed bananas and Red Hot candies. You could easily make this one at home too.

5 Cereal Milk

Are you someone who drinks the milk in your cereal bowl or dumps it? If you love to slurp up the cereal milk, you will love cereal milk flavored ice cream. It’s just like drinking down a bowl of milk that has been soaking up the taste of your favorite bowl of cereal. If you can’t find this in stores, try eating a bowl of cereal, then putting a scoop of ice cream in the bowl before enjoying the milk.

6 Roasted Pineapple and Black Pepper

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? All the experts say that black pepper does the same thing to ice cream that it does to pasta. Which I guest makes it taste good, right? I’ve never tried this particular flavor, but you could give it whirl at home by adding pepper to a bowl of pineapple. If you see it on a menu, do not pass it up.

7 Fudge Brownie

This is another Ben and Jerry’s masterpiece, called “Go Fudge Yourself.” It has a base of chocolate ice cream infused with chunks of chocolate walnut brownie and fudge. You also get swirls of caramel and fudge. This sounds like my new favorite.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? It’s always been weird to me that new flavors are introduced in the winter, but I guess it’s a good way to get through the cold months. Which of the flavors on this list are you rushing out to buy right now?

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