7 CrossFit Foods We Should All Be Eating More of ...


To fuel Crossfit workouts efficiently you should be eating CrossFit foods. You might have heard of the Paleo Diet, or the Whole 30, which are commonly used terms in regards to foods and dietary choices that CrossFit enthusiasts believe in. Though there are many variations, and many people have adjusted diets to fit their needs, most people performing CrossFit activities follow the same nutrition protocol. I’m not a CrossFit fan, but I do believe that some principles of CrossFit nutrition are ones we should all be adhering to anyway. Whether you’re preparing for a CrossFit event or not, consider eating more of these CrossFit foods, which you’ll see are some of nature’s most basic healthy foods.

1. Vegetables


One of the best CrossFit foods that are amazing for everyone is vegetables! Vegetables are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and most everyone can find at least one or two they like. Since CrossFit fanatics most likely follow a Paleo diet, they avoid grains and dairy. This makes vegetables important since some nutrients found in grains and dairy can be found in many vegetables.

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