7 Cold Weather Foods That Are Incredible for Your Metabolism ...


There are many benefits of eating cold weather foods all throughout the year, but especially in winter. If you have picky taste buds, you might be prone to sticking with the same foods year round; however, eating cold weather foods like root veggies, soups, and stews actually have a huge amount of benefits to the body. Check out some of the best cold weather foods for your metabolism below. Not all winter foods have to be heavy and unhealthy for you. Some can actually enhance your weight, not hinder it!

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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes Potatoes get a bad rap, but sweet potatoes are actually one of the top cold weather foods that are amazing for you. They are one of my personal favorite cold weather foods to eat, and one of the best to eat year round. Sweet potatoes have B vitamins, magnesium, and fiber, which all help to increase your metabolism, lower your glycemic index, and keep you full. Their beta-carotene content, which is a form of Vitamin A, also helps keep your immune system running high, which is essential to a healthy metabolism.



Turnips Turnips are one of the top detox foods you can eat, and a top cold weather food you should be eating. They rid the body of mucus and help pull out excess toxins. They’re also low in starches and high in fiber. Turnips are tasty when roasted or mashed and can be used in place of white potatoes in any recipe. They also contain a large amount of Vitamin C, which acts as a natural metabolism aid, and helps keep your immune system high as well.


Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup Everyone loves a good bowl of tomato soup when it’s cold, but having tomato soup, even if served chilled in the summer, is fantastic for your metabolism. Why? It’s rich in lycopene, an antioxidant that fights toxins associated with disease. All forms of disease harm your metabolism, and tomatoes, when cooked, are more nutritious than when eaten raw. Make your soup healthy by eliminating excess sodium and sugar. Also consider using almond milk as a creamer, instead of dairy milk if you add milk or cream to your soup.


Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash Butternut squash is one of my favorite cold weather foods, and an excellent one to implement into your diet. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals, potassium, fiber, and Vitamins A and C, but low in sugar and carbohydrates. It’s one of the only low carb winter squashes, outside of pumpkin, and it’s more glycemic friendly than other versions. Adding butternut squash to your recipes, whether roasted, cubed, steamed, or in a soup, are all fantastic ways to get this healthy veggie into you diet.


Veggie Soup

Veggie Soup Soup is fantastic for you, and so healthy! Veggie soup is great for your metabolism, so long as you leave out the excess starches like white potatoes, corn, and beans. Though those foods are healthy, having too many at one meal is a good way to spike your glycemic index. Instead, add lower carb and more nutritious veggies like green beans, chopped red bell pepper, garlic, tomatoes, squash, turnips, spinach, frozen peas, onions, and carrots. Also consider adding leafy greens, which are another top cold weather food to consume for your metabolism alone, and they're great to add to veggie soup. This makes for a much more metabolism friendly meal, and it’s full of antioxidants, fiber, protein, and vitamins.



Oatmeal We typically associate hot bowls of oatmeal with winter, but it’s a fantastic food to have all year round. Overnight oats and cold refrigerator soaked oats count too, but hot oatmeal is actually very warming to the body, which raises the metabolism and satiates you more than cold foods do. It also enhances digestion more, and nothing says comfort like a hot bowl of oats to start the day! Keep servings to ½ cup or lower and use unsweetened almond milk or nonfat Greek yogurt in your oats instead of milk or sugary nondairy milks. I also suggest using stevia as your sweetener, and keeping fruits low glycemic, like berries.


Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa Okay, now here’s a fantastic beverage or “food,” if you want to call it that, to have in the winter and any other time of year: hot cocoa! Cocoa is amazing for your metabolism and your mood, so long as you keep it healthy. Make your cocoa with almond milk, plain cocoa powder, and stevia. Stir in some raw cacao nibs or cacao powder when you’re done, and you’ll have the best ever hot cocoa that’s fantastic for your metabolism. Chocolate contains natural antioxidants and stimulants that spike the metabolism, in much friendlier ways than caffeine.

I love cold weather foods and though I’m naturally cold natured, it’s not the only reason I love them. They’re incredibly healthy for you, and so beneficial to your body. Do you eat any of these cold weather foods?

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