5 Crowd-Pleasing 👏 Appetizers 🍢 for Your Thanksgiving 🦃 Feast 🍽 ...


Thanksgiving is coming and that means you need some crowd pleasing appetizers for Thanksgiving. It's the time of year when all of your family, and maybe some friends-that-may-as-well-be-family, gather together and catch up on the events going on in one another’s lives.

Yes, the holidays are about getting together, but let’s face it; no get-together is complete without food! That’s why Uncle Joe brought his famous three-bean dip…again. And Aunt Sally brought her life-changing fruit salad (for the fifth year in a row).

Well, why not shake things up? Whether you’re hosting or bringing a dish over to a relative’s, here are five simple, crowd pleasing appetizers for Thanksgiving!

1. Cheese or Vegetable Tray

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This is a classic, yes, but can easily be reinvented and is one of my favorite crowd pleasing appetizers for Thanksgiving.

As an example, say you were to do a cheese tray. Instead of the classic cheddar, Colby, and pepper jack, you decide to do mozzarella, gouda, and a Havarti dill cheese. For fruit accompaniments, instead of the usual grapes or strawberries, you choose figs or moondrop grapes.

To give you ideas for a vegetable tray, you could substitute parsnip sticks for carrots, or simply add a zesty ranch to give everyone an extra burst of flavor!

Cheesy Crescent Rolls
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