This is Why Jennifer Aniston Eats Rye Bread Every Day ...

By Eliza

This is Why Jennifer Aniston Eats Rye Bread Every Day ...

Rye bread has such a distinct and delicious flavor, which is probably why Jennifer Aniston regularly tosses it into her grocery cart. You should be doing the same because rye bread has a load of health benefits that are going to surprise you. My favorite way to eat rye is toasted with real cream butter, but it also makes the perfect thing for pastrami or patty melt sandwiches. Next time you’re deciding which kind of bread to buy, consider the following perks of trying rye on for size.

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1 Weight Control

No, rye bread cannot help you lose or maintain a healthy weight on its own. However, research published in the journal, Nutrition, reports that rye bread for breakfast can help. This is probably because it contains a wealth of fiber, which helps control your appetite and prevents hunger between meals. The fiber in rye absorbs more water than other types of bread, helping you feel satisfied and full for longer periods of time.

2 Improves Bowel Function

You can thank fiber again for this benefit of rye bread. Fiber helps move waste through your intestines, helping keep you regular. It prevents constipation and normalizes your bowel function. The European Food Safety Authority has recently accepted a health claim that tells consumers that rye bread is good for healthy bowel function.

3 Reduces Cholesterol

The European Commission has accepted health claims that rye bread reduces cholesterol levels. Again, thank you fiber. Keeping your cholesterol in check is a powerful way to reduce the risk of heart disease. By adding rye bread to your diet, you can boost the effects and protect your health while eating something totally delicious.

4 Cancer Prevention

Rye bread is a rich source of lignans, a plant compound that several studies have shown help reduce the risk of developing several types of cancer. That includes both breast and colon cancers. The lignans counteract the damaging effects of estrogen and help eliminate bile that contributes to colon cancer from the body. Who knew that something that tastes so good could be so healthy at the same time?

5 Good for Diabetics

Jennifer Aniston isn’t diabetic, as far as the public knows, but if she was, her rye bread habit would be beneficial. That’s because, according to information published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, rye improves the function of beta cells, which promote a healthy insulin response. It’s also satisfying so it can help diabetics control their blood sugar by keeping them from eating too much.

6 Energy Levels

Many people fear carbs because of their reputation for causing weight gain. Not all carbs are bad though, and the truth is that you need them to fuel your body. The trick is avoiding the bad ones that come from white bread and focusing instead on the healthy carbs that come from eating whole grains, such as rye. Make sure the bag of rye bread you buy is indeed made from whole grains by reading the ingredient list and avoiding anything made with refined grains.

7 Other Nutrients

In addition to fiber and healthy carbs, rye bread contains a host of other beneficial vitamins and minerals. That includes calcium, potassium, niacin, folic acid and lutein. That means benefits for your bones, blood pressure, red blood cells and disease prevention. There’s really no reason to not buy rye bread.

Do you like rye bread? Does this list make you want to go right out and buy some today?

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It's weird how no other country has it in the same way Denmark does. It's super healthy.


Why should we care that Jennifer Aniston eats rye bread? The article doesn't actually quote her or anything, so it just seems random and irrelevant. I agree with Haley, the article should just be about rye bread, no point mentioning Jennifer Aniston rye bread..could eat this every day

I'm in love with pumpernickel!

This articles could just be titled "The Health Benefits of Rye Bread" ....

Ingredients in When Pigs Fly rye bread, which I eat every morning are: unbleached flour, organic rye flour, cider, caraway seeds, evaporated cane juice, salt & yeast Is this a healthy bread? Thanks

I hate the taste of rye bread and prefer a local seed bread, its loaded with linseeds, and has changed my life!! I am never constipated anymore!!

Love rye:) yum

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