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You may know all about the park’s fun and exciting rides, but did you know there are also tons of delicious Disneyland restaurants that are just as amazing? Yes, when you visit “the happiest place on Earth,” dining is an entirely unique experience, complete with flavorful dishes and themed eateries that are anything but ordinary. Planning a trip of your own? Here’s a quick look at eight amazing Disneyland restaurants you absolutely can’t afford to pass up!

1. Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou

Want to experience one of the all-time best Disneyland restaurants? Head over to New Orleans Square, home to the Blue Bayou, where you and your fellow guests will have the chance to dine beneath a simulated night sky while overlooking the popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Reservations are strongly encouraged, and they go fast, so be sure to stop by first thing in the morning to secure your spot, or call Disney Dining at 714-781-DINE. While the meals here are known for being rather pricey, the delicious Cajun-Creole flavors and unbeatable ambiance really are priceless.

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2. Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante

Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante

If you’re hoping to spice up your visit with a little Tex-Mex flair, look no further than Rancho del Zocalo Restaurante in Frontierland, which offers everything from four-cheese enchiladas to citrus fire-grilled chicken. As you dine outdoors on the patio taking in sights and sounds from the nearby Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, you’ll feel as if you truly have been transported back in time to the Old West.

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3. French Market Restaurant

French Market Restaurant

Those craving Cajun-Creole fare minus the Blue Bayou’s hefty price tag can instead stop by New Orleans Square’s French Market Restaurant. Here, you’ll enjoy tons of delectable dishes, including Po Boy or French dip sandwiches for lunch and panko-crusted red snapper or slow-roasted Louisiana beef stew for dinner. Comforting classics like jambalaya or red beans and rice with Andouille sausage are popular suppertime picks, as well.

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4. Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

When you’ve got a hankering for grilled goodness, Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue in Frontierland offers an all-you-can-eat family-style meal that comes complete with classic items like chicken, ribs, coleslaw, beans and cornbread. Worried that you won’t be able to find anything vegetarian on the menu? Skewers with potatoes, squash, bell peppers, mushrooms and tofu are also available.

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5. Bengal Barbecue

Bengal Barbecue

In the mood for barbecue, but don’t have time for a sit-down meal? Swing by Adventureland’s Bengal Barbecue, where you can order tasty chicken, beef, vegetable and bacon-wrapped asparagus skewers to-go. Whether you order just one item or several, you’ll find that this is one counter-service restaurant that serves up some serious flavor.

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6. Redd Rockett's Pizza Port

Redd Rockett's Pizza Port

Home to the best slices in the park, Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland also offers a flavorful selection of salad and pasta dishes, making it the perfect stop for the entire family. Come by after a spin on nearby Space Mountain or Star Tours, and don’t forget to pick up an order of breadsticks with zesty dipping sauce as a tasty side.

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7. Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

No trip to Disneyland would be complete without a visit to the famous Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street, where you’ll have the chance to enjoy a creamy scoop in a handmade waffle cone. Stop in for a sweet treat, and then spend some time shopping for souvenirs at the nearby shops.

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8. Tiki Juice Bar

Tiki Juice Bar

Cool down on a hot summer’s day by paying a visit to the Tiki Juice Bar in Adventureland, where the pineapple whips are so refreshing, the lines are known for being notoriously long. Don’t even think about giving up your spot, though, since this is one delicious tropical delight that’s well worth the wait.

As you can see, you definitely won’t be going hungry anywhere in the park! Have you eaten at any of these delicious Disneyland restaurants? Which others top your personal list of favorites?

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