9 Delightful and Easy-to-Make Desserts ...


9 Delightful and Easy-to-Make Desserts ...
9 Delightful and Easy-to-Make Desserts ...

Easy-To-Make Desserts are, I think, must-haves in your recipe collection. After all, desserts are considered the yummiest part of dinners. Right? In fact, most dinners I've been to sort of do these dramatic introductions when it comes to presenting the desserts. So yes, it pays to know some easy-to-make desserts, especially when you're planning to host dinners once in a while and you're too busy to plan for them weeks ahead. “Time” is a luxury most people don't have, after all. And not only are these easy-to-make desserts convenient for when you're hosting dinners, they're also good for when you have a dinner to attend and you have nothing to bring. You can just whip up one of these easy desserts hours before you have to attend a friend's dinner party and you'll be set. So here are 9 Delightful and Easy-To-Make Desserts you can tuck in your recipe book for future reference.

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Brownies are just so sinfully delicious, you can't stop munching on them even though you know you would hate yourself the next day for it. They are that good. With this recipe, you can have these scrumptious squares in less than an hour! Simply amazing! Right?


My whole family is in love with bananas. We simply couldn't have enough of them. When I buy a bunch from the market, it rarely lasts two days at our house. So yes, I love this recipe! Not only does it have yummy bananas, but it also takes only about 10-15 minutes to prepare. And you don't even have to cook or bake it! You have to put it in the fridge before serving it though because pudding is best served when chilled. This is definitely at the top of my easy-to-make desserts list.


This easy-to-make dessert is quite easy to prepare but may take some time to finish. You need at least four hours and a half to make this cake. Don't worry; you don't have to be laboring over it the whole time. You only need less than an hour to assemble the cake and just let it freeze in the fridge for the remaining time. And while you wait, you can take a shower, put on make up, and dress up. Easy peasy!


Peanut butter is among the yummiest things to eat in this world. The adorable Joe Black certainly thinks so! And not only does this recipe have peanut butter in it, it has chocolate chips, too! Two super delicious things in one dessert. I could jump for joy just thinking about it. Plus, it's super easy to prepare and it's done after ten minutes or so in the oven. Need I say more?!


If you love chewy chocolate cookies and cream cheese, then you'll definitely adore this recipe. These delightful cookies are quite easy to prepare and makes for an adorable presentation, too. Combined prep time and baking time are about half an hour. Unbelievable, right?


This is one of the most popular easy-to-make desserts that I know. In fact, it is so easy that even children can make them. I actually had my Sunday school kids make this for art class once. Granted, I needed to borrow my father's toaster oven for it but the children had a blast so it was worth the hassle.


I love, love, love chocolate truffles! They are positively sinful but irresistibly delicious stuff. This recipe is definitely one of my favorite easy-to-make desserts. But beware; you need to make these luscious chocolates at least 8 hours beforehand because they need to be refrigerated. Other than that, this recipe is quite easy and hassle-free.


Unlike the previous recipe, this one doesn't need to be refrigerated for hours. It just needs to be chilled before you serve it. It only takes about 15 minutes to make and has strawberries and cream! Positively yummy! This is absolutely one of those easy-to-make desserts you should try out.


These easy-to-make desserts are absolutely simple and adorable. They actually make cute finger foods. And you could recruit little ones to help, too. They could put the pecans on top of the melted chocolate covered caramel candies. Making these yummy things could be a fun and delicious activity for the whole family!

Maybe you've made some of these easy-to-make-desserts before; if so, tell us how they tasted! Do you have your own recipes of easy-to-make desserts? You see, amazing desserts need not be time consuming or tedious to make, and this list of easy-to-make desserts just proves that. So even though desserts are sort of the “pièce de résistance” to dinners, they don't have to be exhaustingly complicated or overly dramatic to be good. Try any one of these recipes now and find out just how easy it is to make deliciously wonderful desserts for parties or everyday dinners.

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