8 Diet-Friendly Drinks to Celebrate with This Holiday Season ...


8 Diet-Friendly Drinks to Celebrate with This Holiday Season ...
8 Diet-Friendly Drinks to Celebrate with This Holiday Season ...

If you are anything like me, then Christmas means a few things: it means family, it means food, and it means drinks! A Christmas cocktail or two is something that I can’t resist, but as we all know, there can be plenty of calories in alcoholic beverages, sometimes more than in our favourite snacks! By all means, enjoy a tipple or three over the holidays, but let’s be sensible about the nutrition, shall we? Here are eight diet-friendly drinks to celebrate with!

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hairstyle, fashion accessory, girl, product, long hair, If you prefer wine over anything else, then the best way to go is always with a small glass rather than a large, and white over red because red traditionally has more calories than white. If you look carefully enough at the supermarket, you will actually find wines in the aisles that are marketed as being ‘low calorie’.



champagne, drink, alcoholic beverage, wine, bottle, Glasses of fizz like Prosecco and champagne are usually much lower in terms of calories than any colour of wine. At around 80 calories per glass, it is the kind of drink that feels luxurious and celebratory, without having to cause you too much guilt in the process!



black hair, long hair, girl, product, brown hair, Half a pint of normal beer comes in at only 82 calories, which some people might find as a surprise, so you can enjoy at least one or two ‘real’ drinks before moving on to the light beer options that are even better in terms of their calorie count! The good thing about light beer is that there are plenty of options on the shelves these days.



drink, liqueur, distilled beverage, alcoholic beverage, gin and tonic, Gin is very much back in style in the past couple of years, and a good old-fashioned gin and slimline tonic will only set you back about 97 calories. For the strength of the alcohol and the fact that you won’t need too many to get merry, it’s a great option for dieters!



vase, orange, flowerpot, drink, Something tasty like vodka with soda and lime is only about 76 calories in total, but if you like your vodka without mixers at all, then you can add in a dash of Tabasco and some healthy olives for an even more recommended dieting beverage!



drink, cocktail, non alcoholic beverage, cocktail garnish, punch, Not only is tequila the only alcohol that isn’t a depressant, it is also only around 69 calorie per shot!



drink, mojito, caipirinha, cocktail, gin and tonic, A mojito is a hearty drink that will last you a long time in it’s sipping, so the 140 calories that it contains can make themselves spread out across a lot of an evening.



drink, alcoholic beverage, cocktail, liqueur, martini, Of course Carrie Bradshaw’s favourite drink is low in calories! With just vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime as its contents, one glassful should be about 99 calories.

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