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Dollar Store Coffee Bar Ideas for Holidays or Every Day

By Leiann

I like the concept of this YouTube video! What do we march to first thing in the morning? You may as well make your morning mega attractive and organized!

Ashley Hobbs
Published on Apr 19, 2017

What I like is that you do not need to have an expensive Keurig either. There are some of we girls who still have that good 'ol automatic drip coffee maker. No need to feel left out!

With the holidays approaching, this is a cute display! Unless you are in a warm climate, the next few holidays are spent with freezing weather. So congregate with that good-tasting refreshment with family and good friends.

Just pick a good location in your home and congregate with loved ones. A perfect thing to do if there are non-drinkers present. A coffee station does not necessarily mean you have to have a dry party though.

Celebration is a win-win!

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