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Dollar Tree Coffee Station and Hot Cocoa Bar ...

By Leiann

DOLLAR TREE KITCHEN ORGANIZATION ☕️🎄 Coffee Station & Hot Cocoa Bar Christmas DIY

Are you like me, love your coffee? Well, why not treat yourself and your guests this Christmas, to a nice DIY coffee station? The following YouTube video shows you how one lady put hers together, using everything from the dollar store!

Do It On A Dime
Published on Nov 21, 2017

OK, I still do not own a Keurig, but most of you do. Well, isn't nice that you can buy K-cups at the dollar store now? Main task complete!

Now, onto organizing... Simply buy a couple of plastic organizers. I am not sure if K-cup carousels are sold there or not.

Have different items that you would like to mix with your coffee? Buy some glass canisters.

Well, you need to drink out of something... Buy some festive coffee mugs. Do not feel like washing a bunch of coffee mugs? Buy some disposable.

Designate a kitchen cabinet for the organizers, glass containers, mugs. Display the Keurig and carousel (if you have one).

Place some decorations around the Keurig. A pretty tea towel, a small wreath, a small poinsettia...

Be Santa's barista this Christmas. With all of that milk that he drinks, he just might need one!

Merry Christmas!

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