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Easy Caramel Iced Coffee Made with Leftover Java ...

By Leiann

Often, do you find yourself not finishing all of the coffee from your coffee maker? Do not throw the leftover coffee away!

In the following YouTube video, we are taught, just how easy it is to make a caramel iced coffee, with the leftover coffee from your coffee maker, using only 4 ingredients! I know I am excited! Leave a comment if you are also!

Tim Farmer
Published on Jun 23, 2018

1 Leftover Coffee

How simple?

2 Caramel Condensed Milk

I have only shopped for regular condensed milk. So, I need to search my local grocery store. If not, all we need to do is kindly ask the grocery store manager to stock the shelves with such condensed milk.

3 Whole Milk

Just a splash!

4 Ice Cubes

Needed to make an "official" iced coffee!

Not only delicious, but you are saving money. How many times do you catch yourself pouring wasted coffee down the drain? How many times do you catch yourself going through a fast food drive-thru ordering a large iced coffee? Those one dollar drinks multiply!

Anyway, I have learned a lesson. I hope you have learned something new, motivating and energizing, also.

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