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Easy Crockpot Lasagna Video Recipe ...

By Leiann

Go ahead and follow this crockpot recipe... He is going to come back for more!

Why not treat him to a good Italian meal? Maybe he would like to take you out but does not have the money. Money cannot buy you love. You know what they say is the best way to a man's heart.

What man does not like lasagna?

Instead of spending all day in the kitchen getting hot and sweaty preparing dinner, all you need to do is throw the ingredients in, which are very few, then, take your time and get all primped up to look pretty for him. This is easy!

Men look for the cooking ability of women as marriage material qualities. If you cannot cook or clean, you may not be a stand-out for him. I learned this a long time ago. Now, I do know how to cook, but he is gone. Do not wait! You might already know how to cook, and that is good. But, if you cannot cook, do not wait! This recipe is a good recipe to begin with. If he is not in love yet, he is going to be!

What is weird about lasagna is that some prefer ricotta where others prefer cottage cheese. I prefer cottage cheese. If you are unsure, trust me, use cottage cheese.

Now ask him over for lasagna!

Good luck!

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