Delicious School Snacks That Easily Fit in Your Pocketbook ...


When you're stuck in a classroom for eight hours straight, you'll need some sustenance, which is why easy to carry snacks are useful. Instead of starving until lunch time, you can keep some handy treats in your bag, so that you're never uncomfortable. There's no reason to starve when you can purchase cheap, easy to carry snacks that fit perfectly in even the tiniest purse. Here are some of the most delicious ones that you should head to the store for:

1. Clementines


This is just as juicy and delicious as an orange, but it doesn't have as strong as a smell. You don't really want everyone in class to stare at you in jealousy once you peel your food, do you? Clementines are one of the easy to carry snacks that will fit snug in your bag. Since the skin peels off, you don't have to worry about germs getting on it, but you could always play it safe and keep it in a plastic pouch.

Granola Bars
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