The Essential 😋 Spices 🌶 for Indian Food 🍽 ...

Have you ever wondered about Indian cuisine, what the essential spices for Indian food are, and what makes it so spicy? What do Indians put in those extremely delicious meals that make you want more? Here are some of their best spices, essential to every meal, which women around the world can use and experiment with on a daily basis. Here are the essential spices for Indian food:

1. Turmeric

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One the most essential spices for Indian food is turmeric. Turmeric contains curcumin which is considered the king of Indian spices. It contains polyphenols and is proven to prevent brain tumors, prostate cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, and generally make the growth of the cancerous cells slower.

2. Cumin

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This spice is good for digestion and is one of the best in terms of antioxidants. You can always add this spice to your meals. Try it when you make fried beans, rice, or meat. You will definitely achieve a taste of heaven.

3. Saffron

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Saffron is a spice that can be used in many ways but it is the most expensive spice. It comes from crocus flowers and improves overall health. Use it sparingly to save cash and still reap the rewards.

4. Ginger

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Who hasn't heard of this famous spice? It is often recommended in medicine. It can also be added to salads, vegetable dishes, fish dishes, etc. It's great in marinades and homemade sauces too. Ginger is great for alleviating nausea and settling your stomach.

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