8 Sensationally Fab Delicious Party Cocktail Recipes ...


8 Sensationally Fab  Delicious Party Cocktail Recipes ...
8 Sensationally Fab  Delicious Party Cocktail Recipes ...

Party Cocktails Recipes have to taste good and have to appeal to a ton of different palettes. I know that I like fruity cocktails – but someone else might like something a little stronger and straight-forward. Don't worry ladies! If you're planning a party, I got your back when it comes to party cocktails recipes! Below is my top 8 party cocktails recipes that I've personally tasted!

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Blackberry Mint Julep

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I love the idea of a mint julep. It's so Southern, so Georgia and makes me think of 100 year old trees and porch swings. So let's change it up a little and add in some blackberries! This is one of my favorite party cocktails recipes and is a huge hit with the girls!



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If you are looking for something a little more simple, this is one of the party cocktails recipes that features raspberries, some citrus notes and has a bit of sweetness to it. I love it, it's smooth, fruity and delicious!


Pear Lemon Fizzies

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If you want your party guests to have something a little fizzy, this pear and lemon fizz is perfect! It's one of the few party cocktails recipes that has champagne featured in it! It's that little addition of champagne that makes it fizzy and unique.


Vanilla Rum Colas

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My dad is a huge fan of rum and cokes – but that isn't really a girly drink (not to say that all party cocktails recipes have to be girly, but still). This little concoction of rum, vanilla and coke tastes awesome and is so smooth. Try it ladies, you'll love it!


Cucumber Mint Gimlet

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I never thought that cucumber could really taste good in anything but salads. Boy, was I wrong! This awesome little gimlet tastes crisp and clean! It has a little mint simple syrup, some cucumber gin and a squeeze of lime juice. Delicious and crisp – perfect combination!

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Watermelon Bloody Mary's

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Watermelon was never something that I would have thought to add into a bloody Mary – but this fruit -filled Mary is incredible! It's sweet but still has a bit of a bit to it because of the hot sauce you add. Basically – just make a bloody Mary mixture but add in some watermelon juice for it.


Pink Salty Dog

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You're probably wondering exactly what a Pink Salty Dog is right? Well, it's actually a grapefruit infused drink that honestly tastes delicious! I love the sweetness, the tartness and the fact that it's pink. It's one of the perfect party cocktails recipes for a night with the girls!


Coconut Margarita

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Who says you need to make a margarita with lime anything? Why not switch it up a bit and make it with coconut? This concoction is seriously fun, super trendy and tastes delicious!

We all know that party cocktails recipes are definitely hard to find when you really need them. I've tasted all of these delicious party cocktails recipes and I can promise – your guests will love them! So ladies – what are some of your favorite cocktails? Share 'em with me!

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