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7 Foods Cats Love to Eat as a Treat ...

By Heather

I’ve grown up with cats nearly all my life, and over the years learned some foods cats love that always serve as a little treat for them. My mom has always been a cat lover, and because of this, she always had two or three or more in our home ever since I can remember. Though table scraps weren’t a regular thing for our cats, every now and then, we’d give them a little treat to make their day. Here are some of the top foods cats love that you can give your kitty for a nice little treat too!

1 Tuna

dish,food,cuisine,bruschetta,hors d oeuvre, Open a can of tuna and you’ll quickly see why it’s one of the top foods cats love. You don’t even have to get fancy with it. Just give them a few pieces and they’ll think you’re the best! You can make tuna cakes as well, but be careful with mayo since many cats don’t tolerate it as well as others. Also, avoid spicy kinds of tuna, and stick to the plain kind instead.

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2 Yogurt

food,dessert,strawberry,parfait,plant, Obviously, milk is a popular treat for cats, but they also love yogurt! Since it’s milk based, it offers that same pleasing punch of dairy milk, however yogurt’s probiotics can ease their digestion if they’re sensitive to lactose. Again, try to stick to plain yogurt and not artificially flavored ones for the healthiest kinds possible.

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3 Ham

meat,food,roasting,kobe beef,roast beef, If you eat ham, chances are your cat might want a few bites too! I don’t suggest feeding them standard lunch meat ham since it’s high in additives and harmful nitrates that might hurt your cat. Instead, if you give it to them, it’s best to feed them fresh ham.

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4 Salmon

dish,food,produce,plant,meat, Salmon is a popular treat for kitties, just like most seafood is. Salmon’s DHA fats are also amazing for your cat’s coat.

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5 Coconut Oil

coconut,plant,produce,food,glass, My dogs love coconut oil, but so does my cat, surprisingly. This all around superfood really pleases just about anyone, from human to critter! The mood-boosting fats and ease of digestion of this oil are some of the reasons it is loved and tolerated by most anyone. It’s best to buy extra virgin if you want the healthiest kind of coconut oil for your kitty though, along with yourself!

6 Ice Cream

ice cream cone,food,hand,sculpture,toy, I hate to say it, but ice cream is another favorite food of cats. Obviously, this isn’t a healthy treat, but they really do love it. If you eat ice cream, pick an organic kind, or even better a coconut milk based kind. Let your kitty lick the bowl if you want, but don’t feed them an entire serving. They might get a little sick!

7 Oatmeal

food,dish,meal,breakfast,plant, Another odd dish my cats love is oatmeal. They love the smell of it and if I give them a bit in a bowl, they eat it up. The creamy factor of the oats is easy for them to eat and the B vitamins are good for their brain health, along with their coats.

Avoid feeding your cats most all processed foods, onions, garlic, chocolate, any kind of caffeinated food, bread dough, anything with alcohol, and most molded foods like cheese, or other fermented foods. Avoid most dairy if you can and opt for dairy-free varieties. Though dairy is mentioned above, not all cats tolerate lactose well and it’s best not to put your cat in pain if you don’t have to. Do you have a food that your cats love that you would like to share?


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