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13 Foods to Boost Your Immune System ...

By Glenys

When it comes to maintaining good health, it can often be as simple as this: the better functioning your immune system is, the healthier you are going to be! There are plenty of supplements and medications you can take to ensure that your immune system is well and high functioning, but I like to think that your diet can also have a big impact on keeping your body strong and healthy. Here are thirteen great foods to boost your immune system.

1 Yogurt

font, square,Yogurt is a key probiotic food, and probiotics are essential for helping your body maintain positive gut health. The good bacteria yogurt contains will keep your gut and intestinal tract free from illness causing germs.

2 Oats & Barley

baked goods, bread, fried food, whole grain, rye bread,These kinds of grains contain beta-glucan, which is a type of fibre that has lots of antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. They can be especially helpful for reducing the chances of catching a cold.


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3 Garlic

cutlery, spoon, tableware, twig,Tasty and beneficial, garlic is a powerful food that can fight bacteria and infection within the body. It can ward off a cold really effectively, and regular clove consumption can reduce risk of stomach cancer.

4 Shellfish

dish, food, seafood, cuisine, vegetable,Shellfish like lobster, crab, oysters, clams, and muscles all help your white blood cells to produce something called cytokines, which are proteins that can help to clear the flu virus out of your body.

5 Chicken Soup

dish, food, soup, cuisine, vegetarian food,It has the healing reputation for a reason! Did you know that the amino acids released from cooked chicken soup are similar to chemicals that are used for bronchitis treating drugs?

6 Tea

drink, grog, still life photography,A cup of tea can make everything feel better! What you are looking for in black and green tea is an amino acid called L-theanine, which is great for boosting the immune system.

7 Beef

brochette, meat, grilled food, skewer, cuisine,Red meat isn’t something you should be eating every day, but when you do, you will definitely get the benefit of its high zinc content.

8 Fortified Cereals

vegetarian food, breakfast, fruit, food, dish,Fortified cereals, like Kellogg’s Smart Start for example, also contain lots of zinc. Sometimes more than a 5 ounce serving of beef!

9 Orange Fruits and Vegetables

carrot, vegetable, produce, local food, food,The Vitamin A that is abundant in all the orange coloured fruit and vegetables out there is really good for keeping your skin healthy.

10 Kale

vegetable, leaf vegetable, kale, broccoli, food,Kale and plenty of other dark leafy greens are another great source of Vitamin A, and not to mention, delicious!

11 Mushrooms

basket, grass,Mushrooms are another food that have the power to aid the activity of your white blood cells, making them more aggressive in their fight against infections.

12 Kefir

juice, drink, dairy product,Kefir is another food that is high on the probiotic ladder, you should probably aim to eat it at least twice a week.

13 Fatty Fish

dish, vegetarian food, food, vegetable, cuisine,It’s all about those omega-3 fatty acids! Things like salmon, herring, and mackerel should be your go-to fish, and they can help to protect your lungs, reduce inflammation, and ward off infections.

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