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7 Foods to Boost Your Immunity against Colds and Flu ...

By Alicia

We’re still in the dreaded cold and flu season. Thankfully there are things you can do to boost your immunity against those dreaded germs that cause havoc. One of them is to eat the right foods. These are 7 foods that are proven to boost your immunity.

1 Orange Juice

drink,produce,grog,food,cocktail,No list of immune boosting foods (and beverages) would be complete without including orange juice. It’s the beverage of choice to keep away all the viral germs that winter brings. Orange juice is full of good-for-you vitamins and minerals, the chief one being vitamin C. If you don’t like orange juice, there’re still other ways to get your vitamin C. You could have a bowl of strawberries, a sliced green pepper or a kiwi among many other fruits and veggies.

2 Probiotic Yogurt

food,dish,meal,muesli,breakfast,Probiotics are still a relatively new item on the market. Basically, they’re live bacteria that are good for your body. They boost your immune system and even help replace the good stuff that antibiotics can wipe out, should you have to take them. Probiotics come in a few different forms, one of them being yogurt. A daily serving of this can help you to stay healthy and out of the doctor’s office.


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3 Garlic

food,dish,produce,land plant,meat,Garlic does have the downside of causing stinky breath but the health benefits are amazing. Garlic has been shown to be very potent in fighting illness. Not only does it help actively fight an infection but it can help to prevent them. Garlic bread is the most traditional way to enjoy garlic but you can add it to meats, veggies and pastas, too. Just be sure to keep a stash of yummy mints close by for afterwards.

4 Oatmeal

food,dish,meal,breakfast,plant,Did you know that this favorite breakfast staple can help you to fend off germs? I didn’t realize it had such immune boosting powers until I did some reading up on the subject. It turns out that oatmeal has a fiber in it called beta-glucan that can boost your white blood cells to be stronger infection fighters. You don’t have to eat your oatmeal plain and boring for it to work, either. Add in fruit, nuts or your favorite toppings and still get the benefits.

5 Tea

lighting,wedding favors,Cdos,cas,Tea has been proven to be a healthy beverage in many different studies. Most of us have heard green tea cited as a good choice for your health. But it turns out that black tea can be beneficial in boosting your immune system, too. This is because they both contain antioxidants that fight the bad things in your body. Maybe this is why so many of us find a cup of tea comforting when we’re sick.

6 Almonds

food,produce,plant,fruit,breakfast,If you want the crunch of a potato chip but not the empty calories, try a handful of almonds. Almonds give you that crunchy snack you’re craving while boosting your immune system at the same time. The magic in this food choice comes from its high content of vitamin E. Almonds also have other good stuff such as riboflavin and niacin. Enjoy a handful plain or have an almond butter sandwich.

7 Chicken Soup

food,dish,soup,cuisine,produce,This age-old remedy really is good for fighting colds and flu. There’s a special amino acid that’s released as the chicken cooks that helps your body fight off germs. There are also usually spices added to chicken soup which are good at boosting your immunity, such as garlic, which we’ve talked about here. Lastly, chicken soup is usually salty which can be very healing to sore throats and aid in dealing with stuffy noses. Enjoy this family favorite to prevent illness, too.

These are 7 foods that can boost your immunity against colds and flu. What foods do you count on to keep you healthy? Share your advice with others.

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