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If you're wondering about foods to improve your workout performance then you're looking in the right place. We all want to perform at our best when we're exercising and we all want something that's going to give us the energy we need whilst fueling us with the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Our body is a temple after all. Well, except for the weekend when it turns into a trendy little wine bar! Here are my favorite foods to improve your workout.

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Raisins Raisins are a great pre-work out snack and will give you the energy you need in a natural and healthy way. These sweet treats have the same effect as sports gels but taste much better and have no artificial additives or unnatural nasties. Full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, eat a quarter of a cup of raisins and you're good to go. This is one of my favorite foods to improve your workout.


Banana with Nut Butter

Banana with Nut Butter This is my favorite pre-workout snack and should be consumed around 45 minutes before you work out. Bananas are jam packed full of potassium so they can help prevent muscle cramps by helping maintain the body's fluid balance. They'll give you the energy you need to sustain you through that grueling workout and the nut butter will release energy slowly. Opt for cashew or almond butter.


Avocado on Wholegrain Pitta

Avocado on Wholegrain Pitta We all know that whole-grains are full of the fibre you need to keep you full and to keep you regular. They will also release energy slowly rather than giving you that swift sugar rush followed by that sugar low. They're therefore great for a workout. The wonderful avocado, which I'm always worshipping, has so much going for it. They're packed full of nutrients and mono-unsaturated fats, helping to keep your joints flexible and also helping to fill you up.


Houmous and Carrot Sticks

Houmous and Carrot Sticks Who doesn't love houmous. This classic combination is a great snack to fuel your workout. It's a satisfying snack that wont fill you up too much and that's exactly what you need before you embark on your workout. The carrots are rich in antioxidants and can help to fight free radical damage and the houmous will pack a protein punch so you can put some power in your workout punches!



Oats Don't think that oats can only be consumed at breakfast time. I have been known to have them at lunch and it's not unusual for me to a have a bowl for dinner either! Oats are amazing. They're fibre rich and can help keep your blood sugar levels under control. Add a sprinkle of your favorite seeds such as linseed or chia seed and finish with a sprinkle of that fabulous blood sugar stabilizing cinnamon. Then you're ready to go!



Water Ok, so it's not food but I needed to sneak this one is as a reminder. Don't forget to hydrate ladies. It's important to drink at intervals to prevent dehydration. Remember, when you're working out, you could lose around a liter of fluid just by sweating it out. This shows you're working hard, which is fabulous, but it may put extra stress on the body by affecting your ability to stay cool. Remember to take a sip every 20 minutes to help you to perform at your very best.


Shake It

Shake It How about a delicious pre-workout shake? Blend a scoop of whey protein with some unsweetened almond milk and a cup of mixed berries for a delicious shake what will give you the energy you need to power up your exercise routine.

These are my favorite foods that help me perform at my workout best. Which are yours?

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These are some cool tips. I would love to see more pre-work out drinks


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