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7 Foods to Help Fight off Cancer ...

By Teresa

Cancer is terrifying, and not something that anyone should have to deal with, but thankfully there are a few foods to fight off cancer that you can include in your diet. There are so many “superfoods” that can help you and your family avoid a traumatic experience such as cancer. These superfoods are so easy to find and include in your everyday diet that it won’t even feel like you’re actively trying to fight off cancer. Whether you’re actively trying to find foods to fight off cancer or are simply looking to add a few superfoods to your everyday diet, you’ve come to the right place!

1 Garlic

GarlicAlthough it is not completely proven yet, many studies are finding that fresh garlic has incredible medicinal properties and even go so far as to prevent cancer, especially digestive cancers! Garlic can be easily added to the food you normally eat every day; in fact it might already be a part of your usual diet! It's one of the easiest foods to fight off cancer to add to what you eat every day!

2 Berries

BerriesEveryone likes at least one type of berry, and they all have cancer-preventing properties. They especially have been found to prevent breast cancer. Berries are so easy to add to your diet. Eat a handful after dinner, or maybe add a few to your lunch everyday. With the health benefits they possess, it’d be stupid not to!


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3 Tea

TeaTea is one of the best drinks to prevent many different illnesses, but cancer is definitely one of the most prominent. There are so many different kinds that prevent so many different cancers. If you have a predisposition to a certain type of cancer, find the tea that can help prevent it. One of the best teas to help prevent cancer is green tea. It’s been proven to aid in the prevention of so many different types of cancer that we all should be drinking it, and often.

4 Red Wine

Red WineMany people either think that this is a myth or follow this tip a little too extravagantly. In moderation, the antioxidants in red wine can help prevent cancer such as leukemia, and skin and breast cancer. Don’t feel guilty about having a glass of red wine every few nights; you’re simply preventing cancer!

5 Spinach

SpinachEveryone knows spinach is really great for you. We’ve all grown up being forced to eat spinach because of its many health benefits. However, our parents were also helping us prevent cancers such as ovarian, breast, and colon without even knowing it! The health benefits of spinach are nearly endless, but the most important health benefit in my opinion is the many cancers that it helps to prevent. Add it to your diet in a salad or a smoothie. It’s one of the simplest foods to add to your everyday diet!

6 Broccoli

BroccoliBroccoli may be harder to add to your everyday diet, but with its numerous health benefits, you will find a way to include it! Simply a few servings a week can provide cancer-preventing benefits! Eat it raw, or cooked, but the key is not to overcook your broccoli. If you overcook it, you will lose the health benefits. Who would’ve thought that all of the foods that our parents wanted us to eat as children were actually preventing cancer?

7 Carrots

CarrotsWe’ve all heard the myth that carrots can sharpen our vision. What’s not a myth, though, is that carrots can help prevent a few different types of cancer. They delay the growth of tumors, and there are even a few smaller studies claiming that they completely cured cancer for a few people. To truly reap the cancer-preventing benefits from carrots, it’s best to cook them to ensure that you get all of the nutrients.

Will you add any of these foods to your daily diet? What foods do you know prevent cancer? I think we could all add a few more to our diets! Let us know in the comments!

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