13 Foods to Keep Your DENTIST, DOCTOR and Mouth Happy ...


The fact is some foods just are better for you than others. Wondering what healthy foods will keep your dentist, doctor and mouth happy? Here's guest contributor Jacintha's must-try list!

We know soda, sugar and wine are bad for our teeth but what about all the good foods for them? I don’t think it’s a good idea to always dwell on what we cannot have so let us focus on what we can have to help those pearly whites. This is a list of delicious foods and beverages that will keep your dentist, doctor and mouth happy.

1. Strawberries


Did you know the acid in strawberries whitens your teeth and helps to remove dark stains? Eating this wonder berry won’t only keep your smile bright but also decreases blood pressure. Strawberries and their sister berries are keen cancer fighters too. They help fight colon, oesophageal, oral, and skin cancers. This humble berry is really a teeth cleaning, skin glowing, disease fighting and delicious fruit. Just one serving a day will keep the doctor happy and with only 6 calories to one large strawberry your waistline will be thanking you too.

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