8 Foods with Bad Reps That Are Good for You ...


8 Foods with Bad Reps That Are Good for You ...
8 Foods with Bad Reps That Are Good for You ...

You know them, the quintessential foods with bad reputations that everyone loves to hate, but did you know that some of those bad foods are just misunderstood? In fact, they are actually foods that are good for you?! If you’ve ever shied away from any of these so-called bad foods, allow me to shed some light on the much-debated topic.

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At one time, eggs were considered to be one of the worst foods for those with heart problems or those lowering their cholesterol. Nowadays, eggs are a little more accepted in society but many people still stay clear of the incredible edible egg. Eggs are nutrient-rich, have lots of protein and can help you stay full longer. There is nothing wrong with eating eggs daily, and if you’re worried about cholesterol or calories, try egg substitutes or just use egg whites.


Peanut Butter

I can see why people steer clear of PB, it can be high in calories, sugar, fat. Many brands manufacture theirs with trans-fats, which is a definite no-no. The good news is that natural peanut butters, which only contain peanuts and salt, contain heart-healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. don't get too comfortable with that jar, though, because they can still add up in calories if eaten excessively. keep it to just a tablespoon or two with fruit or on toast.


Canned Vegetables

When I think of canned food, I immediately think of yucky dog food. On the other hand, canned veggies fall under the foods that are good for you and taste good category. People have long avoided veggies in a can due to high sodium content or because they're considered not as healthy as fresh vegetables. Well, guess what? Canned veggies are not only cheap, but they are just as healthy if not more nutrient dense than the fresh variety. If you're concerned about the sodium, opt for cans marked low sodium or just do a thorough rinse before cooking.



This list of bad foods that are good for you just keeps getting better! Chocolate definitely has a bad rep for being high in sugar, calories, and fat, but have you ever tried dark chocolate? Dark chocolate is just as decadent as milk chocolate but contains monounsaturated (good) fats, flavonoids, antioxidants, and can even increase blood flow to the brain. When shopping for dark chocolate, the high the percentage of cacao (the seeds used to make chocolate), the healthier it is. It also tastes bitterer, so unless you love bitter chocolate already, ease your way up to more cacoa.



I don't think I've ever tasted a slice of bread I didn't like so I was ecstatic to find out that not all breads are created equal. Whole-wheat and whole-grain breads contain fiber and essential nutrients, and choosing those breads with extras like flaxseed or nuts make bread even better! Avoid plain white bread or breads with added sugars or fats -- those carb devils won't do anything but increase your waistline and make you feel sluggish.



With all these warnings about the evils of butter and various healthier alternatives, I wondered if I would ever taste butter again. Butter is about to make a comeback because it's actually a good-for-you food! Pure butter contains lubricants for joints, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that many people tend to forget when grocery shopping. Pick up organic butter for an extra boost of vitamin K2, which protects your heart.



Avocados make many people's do-not-eat list due to the misconception that they are high in fat and calories but this is another food that is good for you; it just got a bad rap. These fruits are not only delicious, they can prevent certain cancers, protect your eyes, lower cholesterol, and provide a ton of vitamin E. If you're watching your weight, be mindful of the amount of avocado you have since it is higher in calories.



I have this sick love affair with carbs and rice is one of my faves. I've always tried to sidestep rice because i can't control myself around it and it's nothing but carbs, but I was wrong! Rice is not only relatively low in calories but is high in complex carbs, which fight hunger, while brown rice contains protein and fiber and also helps you stay full longer. If you're not a big fan of brown rice, try mixing it with white rice and then gradually increase the amount over time.

Did this list of 8 foods with bad reps that are good for you surprise you? Have you been avoiding any of these foods? I’m happy to report that I will be enjoying these "bad" foods that are good for you again and not feel guilty about it. As with everything in life, moderation is key, so enjoy yourself, but don’t go overboard with any of these foods.

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