20 Healthiest Fall Foods to Add to Your Table ...


20 Healthiest Fall Foods to Add to Your Table ...
20 Healthiest Fall Foods to Add to Your Table ...

With fall here now, it's time to take a look at all of the healthiest fall foods that will kick start your body into eating things that are warmer and things that will keep you warm! Below, I've got the top 20 healthiest fall foods that will jump start your body, make some great fall recipes and that are super good for you! So, you ready to explore my top 20 healthiest fall foods that'll get you through the dropping temperatures?

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Have you been apple picking yet? I have and I didn't realize when I went that apples are among some of the healthiest fall foods out there! They have a power anti-oxidant inside of their skin along with the fact that they are packed with vitamin C and calcium! So the next time you are eating an apple snack, just know you are eating something super healthy!


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a must at every Thanksgiving at my house, but I didn't realize just how healthy they were! This incredible healthy fall food is packed with vitamin A and can actually help your skin look healthier and will keep your immune system up, which is perfect when the temperatures are dropping!



The fall is all about root veggies and things that you can make delicious soup out of. This slightly sweet root vegetable is so delicious and so healthy for you! It's a great source of fiber and it's one of those veggies that will give you a major health boost, which is so important when everyone around you is constantly getting sick!



No healthiest fall foods list would be complete without pumpkins right? Pumpkin is not just for carving or for pumpkin pie, this veggie also has a ton of vitamins and is a great source of vitamin A. Also, if you eat the pumpkin seeds? It's even healthier for you, for they are packed with all kinds of minerals to get you through the cold winter months!


Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is in the winter squash family and it's my absolutely favorite! It's great to boost your immune system, totally gives you all kinds of energy and it's the perfect thing to eat when you are trying to not get sick! What are some of your favorite butternut squash recipes ladies? Share them below!



I love tomatoes and while I always thought that they were more of a summer thing, what is better than tomato soup on a freezing cold day? Tomatoes can really help reduce the risk of heart disease and can prevent a lot of different diseases! Looking for a way to healthy up your salad? Tomatoes are it!



Kale is one of those leafy greens that I could never get into, until the fall rolls around! This healthy fall food is filled with everything that you need! It's got vitamin C, calcium, beta carotene and even some magnesium! It's the perfect leafy green to add to your everyday green smoothie to keep you healthy!


Swiss Chard

While a lot of people would lump Swiss chard and kale together, I think that this leafy green needs it's own section on my list of healthy fall foods. It's got so much bone-healthy vitamin K, you probably won't need anything else at all in your diet! It's packed with all kinds of different vitamins, all of which will keep you healthy and it's delish!



Rutabagas are one of those healthiest fall food that you don't exactly think about any other time of the year. It is a beautiful root vegetable that is packed with vitamin C. This little root veggie can actually lower the risk of all sorts of cancer and it's super tasty! The great thing about a rutabaga is that you can keep it for a long, long time – so stock up!


Brussels Sprouts

I have never been a huge fan of brussels sprouts, but they are tons of the healthiest fall foods that you can eat. They can boost your immune system instantly, are packed with iron, potassium and all sorts of bone-healthy vitamin K. If you are looking for a way to stay healthy, this is the way girls!



Another immune booster that you might not think about when you are looking for healthy fall foods is chestnuts! These nuts are super high in fiber, will help keep your skin looking youthful and radiant and will also help fill you up faster, so that you will eat less!



Pomegranates are a fruit that go way back for me. My grandma and I used to have a traditional, we used to pick and eat the very first pomegranates that showed up the store on the first night we brought them home. These little red pods of pulp are not only delicious to eat, but this fruit is filled with a very high level of antioxidants to keep your skin looking beautiful!


Turnip Greens

While turnips are fantastic, did you know that you can actually eat the turnip greens too? These have tons of different vitamin K properties, is packed with vitamin A, C and even a ton of fiber! It's super healthy and this healthy fall food tastes great in all kinds of salads and soups!



If you are looking for a healthy fall food that is on the sweeter side, pears are it! These delicious little fruits are packed with all kinds of fiber as well as vitamin C. These will keep your immune system boosted and will make sure that all your heart, muscles and nerves all stay healthy!


Winter Squash

There are tons of different types of winter squash. While this healthy fall food is not just one type of squash, it is all healthy. With squash, you can make all sorts of different soups, stews and even freeze it – so you won't have to cook in the winter! Give it a try ladies and mix together all types of squash to make winter squash!



You might be wondering why pecans are on a list of the healthiest fall foods but if it isn't in a pecan pie, then it's actually one of the healthiest nuts! It's packed with all kinds of vitamins along with zinc, magnesium and even some potassium. It's a great nut to snack on when you are looking to lower your cholesterol! Just don't over do it.



Cranberries are one of those must-have fruits at Thanksgiving in my house, but did you know that this is also a super healthy fall food too? It's fulled with anti-inflammatory agents as well as anti-cancer properties. Are you having problems with your urinary tract? These little berries can totally help you get through it and cure it!


Acorn Squash

Another squash in the winter squash family is acorn squash and this is another must to have at my Thanksgiving table. Acorn squash soup is the best and it'll help keep you looking beautiful and keep your immune system up!



Before this post, I actually had no idea exactly what a persimmon was! This little fruit is actually a great fruit to keep your cholesterol under control and can only be found in the fall! I tried one last week and it's absolutely one of my favorite. This one won't last as long as any root vegetable, so make sure that you eat it pretty quick!



Beets are another healthy fall food that is packed not only with vitamin C, but it's got all kinds of calcium as well as vitamin A inside of it. Personally, I love to make all kinds of salads and soups with beets. It's a root veggie, so it'll store a really long time!

So ladies, there you have it! All of my top healthy fall foods that will keep your system healthy, your body looking great and your immune system up! So, what other healthy fall foods do you have on your table this fall?

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