7 Foods You Should Never Eat in Winter ...

There are some foods you should stay away from in winter. Why? Because they're not going to taste as wonderful as they do during the rest of the year. According to Prevention, you should avoid these foods this season:

1. Bagged Greens

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There's a reason why these vegetables last so long. It's because they use a process to extend the shelf life, but the process also gets rid of some of its vitamin C. You're better off eating fresh food, like kale.

2. Asparagus

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Asparagus is best in spring, because that's when it's the firmest. That's why you should try eating some brussels sprouts instead.

3. Peaches

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These taste the best in summer, so you should wait a few months to eat them. For now, you should try eating persimmons instead.

4. Peas

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In winter, peas are going to taste pretty starchy. That's why you should try edamame instead.

5. Corn on the Cob

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This won't taste very sweet until summer. That's why you should try to eat frozen corn kernels instead.

6. Fresh Strawberries

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These are stored from summer, which means they lose some vitamin C while they're in transit and storage. You should eat frozen strawberries instead.

7. Fresh Tomatoes

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These probably won't be as juicy in the winter. That's why you should try eating canned tomatoes instead.

What's your favorite food to eat in winter?

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