7 Foods You Think Are Healthy but Aren't ...


There are many foods you think are healthy but aren't. When you're trying to eat well, you will often swap unhealthy foods for a better alternative. But just because they're better than your previous diet doesn't mean that they're still good for you. Here are some foods you think are healthy but aren't …

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Low Fat

Low Fat Some of the foods you think are healthy but aren't is anything labelled 'low-fat'. This is really just a clever marketing ploy to make you think you're buying something healthy. The problem is that reducing the fat content also reduces the flavor, so manufacturers add sugar to replace it. So overall you're not actually improving your diet, but swapping one unhealthy ingredient for another.


Fruit Juice & Smoothies

Fruit Juice & Smoothies Ready-made smoothies have become very popular for breakfast or snacks. But in spite of the high fruit content, they may not be as good for you as you think. Smoothies can be high in calories because so much fruit is used to make them, and they may also have added sugar. You should also avoid drinking too much fruit juice, as you get the sugars without the fiber from eating the whole fruit.



Salad Salad has to be healthy, right, with all those leaves and vegetables? Well, some salads can be pretty high in calories. Add ingredients like cheese, mayonnaise, avocado, croutons, bacon, and eggs, and your healthy salad has just become rather high in calories. Be especially cautious when eating out.



Bread Whole-grain or brown bread may seem like a healthy food, but read the label carefully. Many contain mainly refined flour, with some whole grains added. If you want to be sure that you are eating the healthiest bread, look for whole grain or whole wheat as the first ingredient in the list. Also avoid bread with ingredients like corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.


Diet Sodas

Diet Sodas Have you swapped your usual soda for the diet version? You're not actually doing yourself any favors, especially if you then drink more soda because you're buying the diet version. No soda is really good for you, and artificial sweeteners may actually make you put weight on. Drink plain water instead, and save sodas for an occasional treat.



Nuts Nuts are a healthy food, right? Well, like many things, they are - provided you eat them in moderation, nuts are a good part of a healthy diet, especially as a source of protein for vegetarians. However, they are high in fat, and as they're small it's easy to eat them by the handful. By all means eat nuts, but be careful not to eat too many of them.



Cereal Do you start your day with cereal? This may be a quick option, but not necessarily a healthy one. Most cereals are very high in sugar, and even 'healthy' ones like bran cereals can be just as sugary as the brands marketed at kids. Plus you're adding milk, so you could be consuming quite a lot of calories.

These are just some of the foods that are not as healthy as you might expect. The best bet is to limit prepared foods in your diet, and make as many of your meals as you can from the basic ingredients. How good is your diet - where do you think you could improve it?

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And for a added tip when making smoothies, add a healthy fat to aid in the absorption of nutrients from the fruits! Such as coconut oil:)

I also feel this article is negligent in it's format and potentially very damaging to girls out there who may have eating disorders. To say these foods are "unhealthy" is ridiculous. That's completely false. It has been written poorly and should not have been published.

I really don't like this article, calories does not mean unhealthy. This just adds more confusion as to what people should eat and drink

I am sorry but whomever wrote this article is wrong! Just because something is high in calories doesn't make it bad... In fact a lot of your healthiest foods are high in calories because of all the nourishment and vitamins in them.... And as for nuts being high in fat, yes this is true but it's the good kind of fat (omega-3) it's also found in fish and most meat...I am a female figure competitor, I'm 4'9,95 lbs and eat easily 2000 calories a day, of many of the foods you listed here as unhealthy...

Moderation is all that matters. This kind of article reads like we are supposed to be obsessive about our diet. That's not healthy. Enjoy life ladies!!!!!!!! Stay active, eat the foods you enjoy, balanced whole foods plus occasional treats. Enjoy going out to restaurants and cafés with your friends and family too! Obsessing and stressing over your diet is not living. X

*they taste

I could never take pop out of my diet. I deserve a Pepsi every month

Very misleading article ! Avocado, nuts, eggs and fruits in the same category as diet soda and cereal .... Incorrect

I knew about all of these.. Especially the low fat and sodas. Diet sodas really are no different in calories but the taste just a tad bit different

avacados are actually good calories..

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