7 Fun Halloween Party Foods ...


7 Fun Halloween Party Foods ...
7 Fun Halloween Party Foods ...

Fun Halloween Party Foods are one reason we all eagerly await the arrival of Halloween. Creating fun Halloween party foods allow you to get imaginative making spooky treats out of everyday foods. This Halloween put on your best sassy Halloween costume, gather up a few favorite friends and wow them with these 7 fun Halloween party foods.

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Bloody Popcorn

Get your friends together to celebrate Halloween with a few scary movies. Serve some bloody popcorn as a fun Halloween party food. Add a little red food coloring to melted butter to top your popcorn. You can also use green food coloring to create slime covered popcorn.


Eyeball Doughnut Holes

What is more gruesome then a bowl full of tasty sweet eyeballs?Frost doughnut holes using white frosting. Use Lifesaver candy and M&M Mini as the iris and pupil of this fun Halloween party food. Add a some blood capillaries for the perfect blood shot look with small lines made with red icing.


Another great option for Halloween party food is Eyeball Doughnut Holes. These tasty treats are easy to make by frosting doughnut holes with white frosting and adding Lifesaver candy and M&M Mini as the iris and pupil. For an extra spooky touch, use red icing to create blood capillaries on the eyeballs. This fun and gruesome snack is sure to be a hit at any Halloween gathering. Plus, it's a great way to get creative with traditional doughnuts and add a spooky twist to a classic treat. Don't be afraid to get creative and experiment with different colors and designs for your eyeball doughnut holes.


Spooky Punch

Need a fun Halloween party food punch idea. Mix together your favorite punch. If you don’t have a favorite punch keep it simple by mixing together a bottle of fruit punch with a bottle of lemon-lime soda. Grab a plastic grab and fill it with the punch. Lay the glove flat in the freezer. Remove the glove and serve the frozen hand in the punch, it will freak out your Halloween party guest and keep your punch cold.


Booger Sticks

Who doesn’t love a good booger covered stick? I agree it doesn’t sound to appealing, but we all love chocolate covered pretzels. Add a few drops of green food coloring to melted white chocolate before dipping in each pretzel rod. Allow the booger stick to dry on a piece of wax paper.


Festive Cupcakes

No fun Halloween party foods menu would be complete with some delicious cupcakes. Frost each cupcake in a festive Halloween color, like orange, green, black, and white. Then add plastic spiders, candy corn, and sprinkles.

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Ever notice how much dried cranberries resemble a blood scabs? This makes them the perfect fun Halloween party food. Dump a bag into a bowl and create a label with the word “Scab.” Who knew scabs could be so yum?


Halloween Cheese Dip

Most cheese dip is already festive Halloween orange. Why not pair your favorite cheese dip with some blue corn chips. The blue corn chips will look like little witches hats and are a nice contrast with the orange cheese dip.

With all these “spook-tacular” ideas you should not have any problems serving up some fun Halloween party foods as you celebrate this Halloween season. What are some other fun Halloween party foods you will have at your party?

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